Kingmaker: Lures of Majesty

Loss of a Friend

Game Session 35
Game Dates: Erastus (July) 2nd, Third Year of Svenheim

A terrible breeze blows a gas cloud from the noxious lake as a swarm of biting mosquitoes harasses the adventurers. Braving the environment they push on to investigate the old fortress more.

Nessa uses a spell to teleport the entire party to the top entrance of the tower. Going inside there is a long dark tunnel awaiting. Nessa makes herself invisible and flies up sixty feet and comes a stone that is obscured by vines. She breathes her draconic fire and burns away the vines revealing another enterance. Nessa sends down a rope for the party to climb up. E

Everyone makes it up safely except for Chris, who falls off the rope and gets a bad whiff of the nasty noxious gasses coming from the lake. He tries again and falls once more, everyone laughs at his misfortune. On the third attempt third he succeeds.

Nessa searches for traps a door ahead and finds nothing but she does realize that the door is somehow magically locked. Hailex discovers that arcane lock was cast on the door and Dash casts knock on the door, opening it with magic. Nessa attempts to open the door, but she fails. Hailex attempts to open the door and also fails. After a few more tries, Nessa opens the door. The door leads into a long slanted passage way and Nessa looks around, but finds nothing.

The party can clearly see something at the end of the corridor, a door perhaps. Walking to the end of the hallway the party comes to a bronze door. Caleesee cast detect magic on the door and finds that the walls and the door are magical. The walls and the door are protected against low levels of spells like disintegration and erosion. The corridor is protected against teleporting magics. Caleesee understands that the walls are covered in an ancient dialect of an ancient cyclops empire.

Alderick tries to pull the door open with Dash and Chris assisting him. He succeeds and when the door opens they see a small room with a noxious smell inside. Hailex finds a secret door and because the room is making him sick he steps out to figure out where the door is located. Next he walks into the room holding his breath, hits a hidden button to open the secret door and leaves again.

Suddenly a fire ball bursts out from the opened secret door and explodes! The magical fire severely burns Nessa, Alderick and Hailex. Chris hears another guy on the other side of the secret door and alerts everyone. Hailex can see that the guy has made seven images of himself, a defensive spell he realizes.

Another fire ball comes out of the door, causing Hailex and Dash to hit the ground badly burned. Caleesee heals the party, saving many from suffering a painful death.

Alderick runs forwards and casts silence into the hallway beyond the secret door. Inside he sees a dread zombie. he recognizes the zombie as Cephal Larentez, the magister of Varnhold.

Nessa teleports herself and Sven behind the creature. Sven swings his axe and makes one of the false images disappear. The creature moves out of the range of the silence spell but not before Sven disrupts yet another mirror image.

Chris casts bear’s endurance on himself, hoping to survive anymore spell attacks.

Nessa breathes her breath weapon on the dread zombie wizard, destroying his remaining mirror images. Sven sees the real creature now and runs up and to slice his axe into the creature.

The creature retaliates by attacking Nessa with his supernatural strength and chilling touch, killing her.

Enraged at seeing his friend killed, Sven tears into the creature with both of his axes slaying the zombie wizard.

A Traitor in the Ranks and an Ominous Tower

Game Session 34
Game Dates: Sarenith (June) 30 – Erastus (July) 1st, Third Year of Svenheim

It begins to pour rain as the party sets up camp in a nearby cave. Hailex receives a message by spell from Svenheim that Tallik is conspiring against the king and pulls Sven aside to speak with him. Tallik is Sven’s nephew whom has been accompanying the Council, he is an accomplished war leader and warrior.

The next day, the party continues to climb the stone staircase in The Valley of the Slain. Coming down the staircase, several feet away the party encounter a man who is dressed in all red accompanied by two guards.

“Halt! Lower your weapons.” Sven says.

“ My name is Alderick, we need to speak with the king in private.” the man in all red says.

Hailex casts hold person on Tallik and keeps a eye on him. Caleesee, Hailex and Sven approach the men. They hand him an official scroll from Svenheim’s guards and it says that the Alderick is here to help and that we should trust him. Alderick places his hand on the shoulders of the Council and casts sanctuary on each them.

Tallik realizes that he is not able to move and Hailex tells him “We will not tolerate someone conspiring against the king! You will be sentenced to death!”. Tallik, in rage, breaks the enchantment on him and charges at the king, Sven. Nessa tries to stop him, but fails. Tallik is unable to strike Sven because of the sanctuary spell. Sven is unable to bring his weapons against his nephew. Alderick casts a spell to grow nine feet and grabs Tallik, capturing him. Sven refuses to have his nephew killed and tries to talk to him but it is evident that Tallik has a grudge against Sven. Tallik says he hates Sven for not fighting with his people and further accuses him of abandoning his people while his family members get killed in battle. Tallik is tied to the horse and send him back to Svenheim with the guards to be imprisoned.

The party continues onward with Alderick taking tallik’s place. They reache a gap in the mountains where the stairs do not go across. Hailex gets across and he throws a rope to get the rest of the party across. The party gets safely to the other side but Hailex spots a roc flying up above and hides behind a boulder.

“Everyone get down!!!! There are rocs over head!!!”, Hailex warns everyone!

Suddenly a dragon flies down and blast the rocs with lightening setting them both on fire. Nessa puts a sphere of invisibility around the party and Alderick casts a protection spell on everyone. Dispite the rocs attempt to flee the dragon blasts the rocs out of the sky with another bold of lightening before flying away.

Traveling on up the stairs, the party comes to a very dark river that they are unable to see through. The stairs end when they get to the lake of the same dark water. In the middle of the river, there is a limestone tower on an island.

Sven searches the area and spots in the side of the tower there is a hole and there is a hole 60 feet up covered in vines.

Caleesee casts detect magic on the water and it does not appear to be magical. Hiding behind a wall behind the lake, the party spots a pair of blue dragons. Hailex can tell that they are actually wyverns and that knows that they are poisonous. The beasts fly over the party attacking Chris and Caleesee. They both get snatched up off the ground and get carried fifty feet up in the air. Caleesee hits the dragon with inflict critical wounds before she is dropped. Right before she hits the ground Hailex casts feather fall on her saving her. Chris casts lightening bolt causing the dragon that was once holding on to Caleesee to explode. The surviving wyvern flees the area.

A Pathfinder Chronicler's Historical Notes for Calistri through Sarenith, Third year of Svenheim

Game Sessions 29 – 33
Dates (real): May 3 – May 31, 2012

Game Dates: Calistri (Feb) 8, Second Year of Svenheim – Sarenith (June) 30, Third Year of Svenheim

(Due to Daisy’s hard drive crash many logs were lost. Here is a brief summary of what was lost from notes on my game calendar and kingdom building ledger.)

In the Second Year of Svenheim:

Calistri (Feb)

  • On the 6th, The leadership Council returned to Svenheim and spend the entire month on Council business as they wait out the worst of the winter.
  • A town hall was built in Svenheim to serve the citizens and provide civic space for functions. Baron Sven allowed a puppet theater to be created in the town hall in an attempt to alleviate the citizenry from insisting that a theater be built for entertainment. Needless to say, the puppet theater did little to deflect such criticism.
  • A blizzard fell upon The Greenbelt snowing in Svenheim and the surrounding lands causing some hardships for citizens.

In the Third Year of Svenheim:

Pharast (March)

  • The Kingdom of Svenheim enters it’s third year.
  • General Kruznic asks the Leadership Council if we can find a way to help our ally Varnhold negotiate a peace with the Nomen Centaurs. A letter is sent to Varnhold baron Maegar Varn and his reply says that the situation with the centaurs are quiet right now and he wishes it to stay that way for now. Maegar also invites the Council to Varnhold for the Erastil festival.
  • On the 11th, the Svenheim Council attends the Varnhold festival. High Diplomat Caleesse wins the fishing and logging competitions! That evening the Council meets with Baron Maegar Varn and an alliance is struck between the two fledgling nations. To tie the two nations together forever it is agreed that Baron Sven will marry one of his newborn sons to Baron Varn’s newborn daughter when they both come of age. The next day the Council returns to Svenheim.
  • On the 15th, reports that the kobold mines were attacked by morlocks. Knowing that the morlocks come from the recently discovered dwarven ruins General Kruznic leads Svenheim’s small standing army to the ruins to stop the morlock raids. Kruznic finds the morlocks are too large in number to fight but is able to trap them underground in the ruins by disabling the elevator they use to come to the surface. The morlock raids stop as they are trapped.
  • On the 20th, the Council takes advantage of spring weather to explore the lands east of Lake Tuskwater.
  • On the 23rd, they find an abandoned bridge across the Shirke River. Two days later they discover a giant turtle and dispatch it. A couple of more days later and they return to the mud pits and kill the dangerous tree creature there.
  • On the 30th, the council finds an evil creature, a lucretia, and kill it before returning to Svenheim to conduct Council meetings.
  • An area of plains in the northern Greenbelt is claimed for Svenheim and farmlands are given out to settlers to grow crops.

Gozran (April)

  • The Council attends to kingdom business and personal matters.
  • Another area of plains in the northern Greenbelt is claimed for Svenheim and farmlands are given out to settlers to grow crops.
  • Roads and bridges are built to content the kobold citizen’s mine lair to Svenheim roads.
  • Baron Sven carries out his promise to Loy Rezbin and grants him the material and charter to build Tantzleford. Houses are built as the new hamlet is founded along the Skunk River.

Desnus (May)

  • The Council attends to kingdom business and personal matters.
  • Another area of plains in the northern Greenbelt is claimed for Svenheim where roads are built and farmlands are given out to settlers to grow crops.
  • The Svenheim economy continues to grow.
  • Adventurers arrive in Svenheim and kill orcs that were poised to cause problems for the kingdom. As a reward the Council pays the adventurers 4000 gold for their heroism.

Sarenith (June)

  • During the first week the Svenheim Council conducts monthly meetings for kingdom business.
  • The northeastern tip of the Narlmarches is claimed for the kingdom where rare moon radishes grow wild.
  • The kingdom economy continues to perform well.
  • On the 8th, Brevoy sends message to Svenheim Council that the Barony of Varnhold has gone silent, no contact for over a week. Worried about their ally the Council makes plan to travel to Varnhold city in the morning.
  • On the 11th, the Council finds Varnhold City and the surrounding lands devoid of human population. Confused Varnholders found further out say they do not know what happened and blame everything from magic, fae to centaurs. Inside the city it found disturbingly quiet, as if everyone just suddenly got up and left over a week ago. The Council found that evil fae called spriggans inhabited parts of the city. Many battles were fought against the evil creatures and when the Council liberated Varnhold Garrison from the spriggans General Kruznic fell in battle. Baron Sven ordered that the Council return the body of the general to Svenheim immediately for proper burial of Svenheim’s hero.
  • On the 15th, General Kruznic is buried in Svneheim’s Hero’s Rest Graveyard as the kingdom mourns the lost of a founder and hero.
  • On the 19th, through heavy rains, the Council returns to Varnhold City to continue the investigation. An elven wizard accompanying the Council, Dash, is killed by a giant murder of crows. The mystery only deepens as vague clues are found.
  • On the 21st, the Council questions more surviving Varnholders to the north but find no new clues.
  • On the 24th, the Council seeks out the Nomen Centaurs in the Dunsward and are taken to their camp and leader. Councilor Haylex convinces the centaurs that Svenheim and the centaurs can live in peace. Their leader, Silverfire, asks the Council to rescue her daughter whom is missing, last seen around The Valley of the Slain to the southwest. The Council agrees to help and find her.
  • On the 25th, as the Council travels to the Valley of the Slain they come across the undead skeleton of a giant linnorm dragon. During the intense battle Warden Garen is slain. His body will later be returned to Svenheim and Garen is reincarnated into a kobold.
  • On the 29th, the Council explores the Valley of the Slain where they are attacked by numerous undead cyclops that try to eat their brains. After a couple of days they climb giant stairs up to an area where an old keep is located.
A Rude Man Comes A Visiting the New Castle

Game 28
Game Dates: Calistri (Feb) 7 – 30, Third Year of Svenheim

Having returned from adventuring the Council sets to meet and handle Barony business. Baron Sven is happy to see that Frostfang Castle is now completed. The baron and baroness move in and has rooms set aside for any of the Council. General Kruznic moves his army HQ there and the standing army uses it as a base until a garrison is built. The castle is cramped with soldiers but everyone makes do.

A man approaches the guards that stand outside Frostfang Castle.

The huge barbarian of a man yells out, " I demand to see your king! Tell him to get him to get his coward self down here!"

“You are speaking about our king! Watch your mouth”, one of the guards responds.

“Okay, well I will go try to find the coward myself then.” the rude man says trying to push his way through the guards.

One of the guards takes his shield and knocks the man back. The big man punches the guard back sending him to the ground. Two guards from on the top of the castle wall shot him with a few arrows. The huge man falls to the ground and surrenders rather hurt anyone and the guards pick the wounded man up to drag him to the dungeon.

Councilor Hailex hears of what happened and goes down to the dungeon to check on the matter.

The huge prisoner sees the councilor there and boasts, “Is this how you treat a guest of Svenhiem?!!! You know, the king is going to be pretty pissed when he finds out……”

“How long has he been here???”, Hailex whispers to one of the guards. “Since sunrise.” the guard answers. “Has he been like this the whole time???”, Hailex asks. “Yeah, at first we thought he was drunk, now we just think he is stupid”, the guards responds.

Hailex approaches the door and looks through the slit. “Prisoner? Can you hear me?

“I am not deaf.”

“Well, you never know”, Hailex says.

“Is this how you treat relatives of the king!??” the prisoner asks.

“No this is how we treat guests that insult the king and his family”, Hailex responds.

“I am the nephew of the king, bring him down here and I will prove it”, the prisoner says.

“If we brought the king down here every time we had a prisoner that says that they are related to him we would have a real busy day”, Hailex responds chuckling.

“Well, who are you? And is he too chicken to come down here and face me himself”, he asks?

“I’m Councilor Hailex and I guess I will come back when you can stop insulting the king.” Hailex closes the slit.

“Do we need to go in and adjust his attitude again?” one of the guards asks?

“Do what you will”, Hailex responds.

That night the guards keep the prisoner up all night so that he is fatigued the next day. And after some insults thrown at the guards the prisoner is beaten up in his cell by some angry guards.

The next morning Councilor Hailex returns to the dungeon but the prisoner continues to throw insults at the king. Hailex leaves and goes to tell Sven that someone is in the dungeon claiming to be his nephew. Sven shrugs it off and says he will check in on later as he is too busy with his wife Svetlana.

The very next morning Baron Sven goes down to the dungeon and discovers that the man is his nephew Tallik, a young but fierce war band chief, and he lets him out. The two men trade insults and Sven punches his nephew in the face, Tallik does likewise. The two men laugh it off and talk about their families. Tallik is asked he is interested in helping build the new kingdom as a General is needed after the death of General Kruznic. Sven runs the idea past Councilor Hailex and the Council but they are not convinced.

Dwarven Ruins of Boredom

Game 27
Game Dates: Calistri (February) 5 – 6, Third year of Svenheim

Continuing down the hall of the ancient dwarven underground city the party comes to another stone door resembling the face of a dwarf. Sven pushes the door open with ease. They enter into a cylindrical room, on the floor there are several religious verses inscribed in the stone. They inscriptions are from different gods, all with different instructions on how to complete the quest for sky.

When the party walks into the room the floor sizzles with electricity and the party becomes slightly injured. Parts of the floor are full of electricity and parts of it are not. Haylex points out seven different religious marks that do no have traps on them.
Next they come to a long stone hallway; there are several statues with their weapons pointing down the hall. Halfway down the hall, the hallway is flooded with water and the depth gets deeper the farther they go. At the end of the hall Sven pushes open a portcullis. Kruznic, Caleesee, and Dash help him.

Inside the room past the portcullis is a tall steel wall in the room with a dwarf face carved into it. There are several gems in the wall about thirty feet up. On the face there are several notches that seem movable so to push apart pieces of the face in order to complete some kind of puzzle. Hailex can tell that there is something about the religion of Dreskar that could be used to solve the puzzle. The party continues into another circular room with a weird mechanical device in the middle of the room. Dash examines it.

The party decides to head back to the main room and examine the cliff. The spiders seemed to be waiting for us and the instantly attack when Dash peers over. Dash magic missles them, before taking a few steps back. One of the spiders attacks Sven. Nyrissa shoots them with magic missles but becomes caught in one of the webs. Krunic and Sven fight off the spiders with the others using magic. Having their fill with the underground dungeon the party leaves and returns the Svenheim.

Festivities, Alliances and Old Musty Things Best Left Forgotten

Game 26
Game Dates: Arodus (August) 28, Second Year of Svenheim – Calistri (February) 5, Third Year of Svenheim

Kruznic, Haylex and Caleesee all took a trip into Brevoy on family matters and returned a month later just before the Autumn snows began to fall.

The entire autumn and into most of the winter months the Ruling Council stayed in Svenheim and attended to government and family. No exploration or adventuring was done. It gave the council almost half a year to concentrate on the business of growing Svenheim in a better nation.

In Rova (September) the economy did very well and the militia had to deal with a large group of worgs causing problems to the south.

Lamashan (October) through Abadius (January) the economy continued to do well with the council’s guidance. Svenheim’s borders extended to the north with more farms and west into the Narlmarches during an expansion period. The Baroness Svetlana announced that she is pregnant again with the child due in July or August.

Late in Abadius (January) the Ruling Council receive an invitation to attend a festival of Erastil in Varnhold. They decide to accept the invitation and invite along their new friend Nyrissa (whom they refer to as Goldie).

At the festival Sven asks about the centaur conflict. Maegar Varn explains that Varnhold has been involved in a ongoing fight with the Nomean centaurs. Varnhold does not have an army, but they do have a highly mobile militia. The militia are more like scouts, fighting on light horses so to better fight the mobile centaurs.

Maegar Varn goes on to speak about the tense political situation on Brevoy as well as the dangers that surround the Stolen Lands like aggressive River Kingdoms. He suggests that it would probably be useful for both nations to unite forces because it would provide us stability against outside forces. Sven discusses forming an alliance with the ruling council and everyone agrees it is a good idea to accept Varn’s offer. To seal the alliance Sven cuts his hand and spits in his hand, Varn does the same. They two shake and Sven tells Varn that their two nations are now blood brothers. Varn also promises his daughter’s hand in marriage to a son of Sven’s. Sven agrees that his second son, Annar Haylex Svenson, will marry his daughter when they both come of age.

In the festival, there are several different contests. Kruznic decides to enter the archer contest. He competes with three other competitors and wins. He donates his winnings to the people of Varhold.

Sven, Kruznic and Caleesee compete in the fishing competition. Caleesee wins and is proposed for marriage by two drunken fisherman. Caleesee and Kruznic compete in the log chopping competetion. Kruznic barely beats Caleesee and she receives several glares from women spectators. She receives several more marriage propose and Heylex convinces them that they should go talk to someone else. Several townsfolk cheer, referring to Kruznic as the “unkillable general” (since he has risen from the dead at least twice). The party has some drinks as Maegar Varn’s guests and return to Svenhien the next day.

Kruznic’s wife returns and he admits that he found out that she was actually kidnapped and did not run away. He admits that she is actually a spy from the North to spy on our kingdom to make sure we do not build an army to rebel against Brevoy. Kruznic says she has since she fell in love with him that she had been used as a double spy by Kruznic and Sven. The council does not see her as a threat and decides to leave it alone.

The party goes out exploring the lands to the south and comes across a Cairen deep in the woods. They walk down a long dark hallway and into a room where an old tomb is with a skeleton. On the old skeleton, Caleesee spots a magical ring.

Suddenly they hear an old raspy voice demand, “Be banished , those of you who rob the king!”.
They look and see a skeleton in tattered robes standing in the room with them. Caleesee knows that the one speaking is a crypt thing, they are commonly found in protected barrows to protect the dead.

The crypt thing makes Hailex and then Sven disappear from the room. Seven skeletons rise and attack the remaining party. Caleesee channels positive energy killing all of the skeletons.
Looking around Hailex and Sven notices that they were teleported above the Cairen. They rush back inside to their friends. They all confront the crypt thing again.

“Who’s crypt is this my land?!!” Sven demands.

" A great barbarian king!" the thing answers.

" And what is this king’s name???" Sven asks.

“He has no name!” the thing says loudly. “A king with no name, is no king!” Sven boasts. " You shall go no further!!!!" the thing says as it steps behind Sven. The party turns on the crypt thing and slay it.

The party continues on to the next room which contains yet another crypt. The floor is made of dwarven steel. In the crypt, the skeleton is tightly clutching a sword. Hailex can tell that the sword is magical and magic is leaking from it because it is broken. Krunznic can detect an evil presence coming form the skeleton corpse. Kruznic runs up and attacks him.

The skeleton rises up out of its crypt. Nyrissa fires several magic missiles at it. The corpse yells “Thieves!!!”. Sven runs up and slams his axe into it saying, " This is my kingdom!!!!!!".

The skeleton attacks Sven back saying “You will serve me as you all have done before!!!”.

It seems to be getting more powerful as it hits Sven. Nyrissa fires more magic missiles.

“You are nothing if you have no name!!!” Sven yells as he attacks.

Kruznic finishes the battle with a well aimed blow and the skeleton explodes.

Looking around, Hailex can tell that the floor is mechanical in nature and attempts to find out how to use it. He finds a lever behind a fresco’s dwarf ear. He pulls one of the levers and spikes pop up on him. Caleesee and she heals him.

After a few more tries and healing, Haylex succeeds. The panel starts clicking slowly and down from the ceiling comes down something that looks like a cage. Haylex determines it is an elevator. A rock with light is tossed down the shaft in the floor and it falls and falls until engulfed by darkness.

Hailex plays with the elevator levers to get it to come back up. The party enters the elevator and Hailex uses another rock as a light source. The elevator is a complex combination of cogs, springs and dwarven engineering that we do not understand.

At the bottom Hailex can tell that we are about 2,000 feet below the surface and still going. Finally the party comes to the ground and can see stone like structures all around them and all covered in webbing. Gears turns and the door to elevator slowly opens. They can spot several large spiders in the room and they seem to standing in the center near a large structure.
Kruznic kills two spiders with arrows and the rest flee down the cliff. Kruznic lights a torch and uses it to clear away the spider webs. On the ground, their are several bones. Kruznic find a skull with no eye sockets. He sees spider tracks everywhere, but no humanoid tracks. They find dwarven runes scattered randomly around the floor.

Looking around the party sees a stairwell that leads up a big door on their left. About 100 feet in front of them, is the cliff where the spiders fled down. At the bottom of the cliff they can clearly hear running water. Behind them, is three separate hallways.

The party decides to go to the big door up the stairwell. Hailex examines the door and tells everyone that is made of steel and non-magical. He peaks through and sees a long hallway that is lined with damaged dwarven statues. On the walls ais dwarven writing.

Hailex squeezes through the door and opens it. The hallway extends for another 100 feet. There is a shattered door leading into another room at the end of the hall. Haylex reads the walls and it reads. He explains to the others that it names the long line of statues of rulers or ruler counselors. Drakor is one of the names. Caleesee explains that Drakar is one of the gods of the dwarves that promised them their toil in the quest for sky would be greatly rewarded. The quest for sky is to dig themselves out of the cave of the earth to the surface. The party figures that by the looks of this and the elevator that they probably completed their quest.

The last date is that of a king is Kadkar the 17th, which Hailex figures is almost 4,700 years before. He assists Kruznic in opening the big door and it opens very easily. Walking inside of the room, they can tell that this is probably a throne room of sky citadel. They find humanoid bones and footprints scattered about in the room.

The People's Court, Survivor Island, and Two New Lady Friends

Game 27
Game Dates: Arodus (August) 10 – Arodus 27, in the Second Year of Svenheim

In the royal kitchen of Svenheim (where the ruling council normally meets) four criminal cases come before the council. A farmer found a magical spellbook and tried to sell it. But the lord of the land claims the book is his property since it was found on his land. The farmer claims the book was lost and not a part of the land thus he claims it as his.

An elf Dash is in the kitchen with an elf whom is black and blue and shackled. The guards explain that the beat up elf is a criminal whom killed the merchant Sal and 5 of his men in town. He broke into the home and killed them. The guards found the elf bleeding and he gave no opposition to being taken prisoner. He refuses to give his name or say anything. The guards found him with adventuring gear, bow, poison, sword and he appears to be a wild elf.

Kruznic asks for the elf to speak in his defense but the elf does not. Haylex attempts to speak to the elf next, explaing that by not speaking only makes a grave matter worse. He does speak saying his name is Quava and that he did murder those men.

The accompanying elf, Dash, asks to speak to the Council in private where Dash says the leager found in Sal’s home shows a man with intials D.A. was being paid. Dash says Quava works for his family looking for magic and treasures and that he is apart of the Shin Wrackawrath. Haylex knows this Shin Wrackawrath is a secret organization of elven spies from Kyonin.

Dash speaks for the man saying he did an investigation of the home and said that he found a ledger by the merchant that said he was cheating on paying his taxes. Dash says there is no evidence that the elf Quava actually did the killing. Dash shows a leader that says 8 men are hired and over due back from an expedition. And there is a book written in code about cooking the books and getting a payment from D.A.. D.A. also purchased a mithril chisel from Sal.

Haylex gets Quava to speak before final sentencing. Quava says he works for the Queen of Kyonin and killed the men whom because they are working for renegade elves whom wish do harm to Svenheim and Kyonin.

Dash shows a water logged book that speaks of the ’Devil’s Triangle’, the place where the recent meteroite fell from the sky.

Kruznic reveals a letter from his father where he pleads Kruznic to trust the Queen and help her agianst the evil that is coming again. His father also tells him to goto the Devil’s triangle. He then writes his goodbye as he explains he will die because he will not give the The White Queen succubus her wish. He also wtires that the family sword of Kruznic’s would be important.

Also in the kitchen to face the Council is a beautiful redheaded cleric, Sigrun, was arrested for being a priest of Urgathoa (an evil diety). The guards explain that her undead companion attacked guards but it was put down. She says her god told her to come to Svenheim. When Sven learned her god is of undead and plagues he became angered and ordered her banished from Svenheim and never to show her face again upon pain of death.

Quava says that the D.A. in the ledgers was going to an exevation site to the southeast of Svenheim. The Council decides to place Quava in custody and check out his claims. The next day the party, with Dash, goes to investigate the exevation site and finds a hole in the gorund with a tunnel of runed walls. Haylex figures out that the runes inside are of ancient Tassalonian. Dash sees that the runes are gylphs of magical protection that will explode. Haylex catches a squrriel and has it set off the runes.

Done the tunnel is a room where 8 burned bodies are found within a cage. It looks as if someone in here was studying; there is fine wine here, someone lived here. Human and elf footprints are here as well, as is a small stone device that is broken. There are constallations on the ceiling. The prints of small demons are also found. The party figures out that the hidden room was exevated some weeks ago, when the meteor hit. Some literature in the room, as well as Dash’s book cites cases where a meteor can be called down by magical means.

The party decides to head to Devil’s Elbow to investigate the meteor which seems to be tied to the exevation site. They get a boat at Svenheim and hires the boat handler, Jospher, to bring them to Devil’s Elbow. After 3 days the party makes it to a salt water lake where the Devil’s Elbow island is. The island is tall, with 100 foot cliffs on all sides. Trees are flattened for miles around. The boat circles the island finding the crater there along with wrecked piers, destoyed buildinsg and only a few still standing lighthouses. Dwarves and humans are seen waving from the island. The party takes a canoe and head for a cove.

The people there want to leave, saying the island is not cursed by ghosts but by small, low creatures that terrify them. Gravel Goldhammer the leader of the expedition says this is all that is all that is left of his 13 men. They came to look for the sky metal that fell from the heavens. The party takes all the men to the lake shore away from the island so they will be safe.

When back on the island the party explores and finds a barricaded lighthouse on the edge of a cliff. Inside are a handful of exhausted and frightened mages. One of them, Smarithia, explains they are cypher mages whom came to study the meteor strike and look for any remaining metal. She explains that strange, mute creatures attacked them and they barricaded up inside one of the reamaining structures.

The party is about to escourt the mages to the boat when a wave of strange creatures attacks the lighthouse. Under the strain of some many creatures climbing the tower it crumbles at the base and slides down the cliff!

People and creatures inside are tossed about. The party tries to save as many mages as they can. Dash uses fly to escape. Sven wraps himself around Samarithia to protect her and manages to fling himself and her out of the tower to safety. Somehow all the rest of the party make it out of the sliding tower except Kruznic whom plummets into the lake with the creatures and tower. In the water he fights free of the creatures and climbs back to the party. Only one other mage survived except for Samarithia.

The party helps Kruznic and an unconsious cypher mage up from the water. On the way up, Kruznic spots a pair of dragons flying up above us. Caleesee heals Samrithia and her mage assisstant. The party begins to head back to boat with them. After dropping Samrithia and her assistant on a nearby shore, Sven offers to take them back to Svenhiem.

As the sky begins to darken, they notice that three dragons are now circling above the crater. One large size black dragon, one medium size silver dragon and one small size gold dragon.They watch as the dragons fight in the sky and one of the dragons falls to the ground.

They head back to shore and build camp. Caleesee decides to go for a midnight swim, naked. Hailex convinces anyone who tries to stare not to and stares at her himself. Getting out of the water Caleesee spots a pair of dragon track embedded into the mud. She puts her clothes back on and points the tracks out to the party. They investigate them more the next day and see that they lead in all different directions. They head back to the island and make their way towards the crater.

When they are almost at the crater they come across two zombies and instantly kill them. They notice that they are dressed in clothes that would be very common in Restov. Reaching the crater, they find the dragon that fell from the sky. Before their eyes she transforms in a young woman with dragon wings who is very clearly injured. Caleesee heals her the best she can and tries to reset her wings. While she is doing so, the rest of the party searches for awhile and find 9 pounds of sky metal called noqual that glows with a faint light.

Far east, from the a ledge the party sees a small makeshift fort. They can see at least six people there. They decide not to bother them and to retreat back to the boat.

When they reach Samrithia at the boat, they tell her of the people they saw and she says that it was another group of explorers that have been in the area for awhile.

As they set up camp, the dragon woman introduces herself as Nessa and says “I know I don’t know you guys, but could you please not tell anyone who I am?.”

" Why do you want to hide what you are?" Kruznic asks.

" People look at me like am a abomination when they know and they fear me to the point where I can’t be around them." she explains.

“So, what do we say you are?” Kruznic asks. “Half- fae??” Hailex jokes. “Half- fae will work.” she says laughing.

The party heads back to Svenheim having had enough of the Devil’s Elbow.

When they reach Svenheim, Kruznic checks into getting his sword fixed with his new found sky materials. Sven had Svetlana prepare a dinner and entertains Samarithia, Dash, and some party memebers. Afterwards he decides to make Samrithia the magistar which is a suprise to her. She accepts as she really doesn’t have a quick way to get home or have a job when she does.

During the week Sven decides to check up on Samarithia thinking that a woman might be overwhelmed with such an important job. Councilor Haylex tags along to visit as well. Samarithia suprises them both by being quite proficient, even recommending on how to best improve the magic knowledge and general education of Svenheim.

Rumors, Drama, a Monstrous Owlbear, and the Death of Hero.

Session 24
Game Dates: Erastus (July) 26 – Arodus (August) 9, Second Year of Svenheim

Back in Svenheim the party hears rumors that people are going to investigate a nearby meteor strike at Devil’s Run in Varnhold territory. Other rumors are that the giant owlbear that attacked Svenheim had a collar on and was wearing armor.

Councilor Haylex has some visitors, two landowners with a dispute and a messenger from Drelev with a complaint. The diplomatic messenger’s complaint is that Svenheim is selling weapons to Drelev’s enemies, the Tiger Lord barbarians. The landowners are having problems with water issues. One farmer stared to use water from a shared stream taking much of the water from the other’s cattle. The effected cattle rancher then disassembled the neighbor’s fence and took his cattle to where the water is still plentiful.

The farming dispute was solved when Lindetheil discovered a hidden source of ground water that the cattlemen can both use to water there animals thus making both parties happy. Baron Sven scolded both farmers for not coming together as neighbors and helping one another out instead of being greedy and having the dispute fester to this level.

The council summons the town blacksmith and asks him about selling weapons which he did say he was selling to barbarians. This is not illegal and the sales bring a lot of money into the local economy.

The council talks about the problem. Drelev is a larger nation and the barbarians are from Numeria and are invading. But the barbarians also consider the area Drelev is in a part of their ancestral lands. Baron Sven asks Lindetheil to send a messenger to the Tiger Lords and ask them to meet with him about the war. The Drelev messenger is left without an official reply to the complaint for the time being.

A celebration is held in Svenheim for the victory in The Greenbelt War and Baron Sven gives all the soldiers whom fought, and won, the spoils of the last battle.

More drama brews with the Council. Marshal Kelden Larvus resigns. Lindetheil resigns from Grand Diplomat and wants executioner post. She claims that with the whole White Queen succubus affair that it is best she lay low in a less visible position. She also says that with the recent trouble the White Queen is causing to her homeland that she may be held accountable.

The Council moves Keston to marshal, Calessee to High Diplomat and Jhod moves to High Preist. This leaves the magister position open for the time being but the council is able to find someone to at least ‘mind the store’ and keep the position from being empty.

Determined to avenge the attack on Svneheim the Council sets out to track monstrous owlbear. After two days travel the trail leads into the southeast of the Kamelands hills and to a cliff bordering a river, a tor. There is a cave in the cliff with ground trampled all around it. Large feathers litter the ground and trees are smashed around the area. Haylex determines the cave is a natural limestone cave made from flowing water. Lindetheil determines that there are at least 4 owlbears living in the area and a wandering human’s footprints are discovered.

The party sneaks into the cavern and see lots of rotten carrion with ugly fungi that Lindetheil says is violet fungi that that it is deadly. Three tunnels leave the cavern. The party uses arrows and ranged weapons to kill the plants.

Further in they find the remains of about four bandits. Perhaps they tried to find shelter but only got eaten by owlbears?

Next the party finds the remains of a family of owlbears! This is an odd find.

Finally the party comes upon the lair of the giant owlbear. It attacks with much ferocity. It is very strong, landing punishing blows. In the melee Lindentheil is finds herself in a bad spot and gets torn asunder like a rag doll by the monster! Finally, with the combined might of the party the creature’s head is taken and returned to Svenheim as proof of the slaying.

After the battle they find the corpse of another bandit. This bandit has a map of The Greenbelt with Svenheim marked on it. It is a mystery that the party may never be able to solve.

When back in Svenheim the Baron immediately orders the construction of a fitting resting place for their fallen comrade, The Hero’s Rest Graveyard.

Separate Missions, The Battle of Svenheim and The War Won

Game 23
Game Dates: Erastus (July) 9 – Erastus (July) 25, Second Year of Svenheim
Haylex & Calessee absent

After the Battle of Tuskwater General Kruznic and Baron Sven hammer out a plan to attack the trolls at their home. Kruznic sends message back to Svenheim to bring up supplies and some more militia but leaving a sizable reserve force. To save time Sven splits the party up and sends them on separate missions.

Spymaster Garin’s men find out that Varnhold has taken notice of Svenheim’s armies marching. And that varnhold has made small units to fight skirmishes against aggressive centaurs in their lands. Varnhold also hires adventurers to help fight and win a majority of his battles. Garin’s men also learn that Drelev to the west is holding their own against the Tiger Lords, giants and other tall walking monstrosities.

Garin also reports an odd, unnatural black cloud hovering over Svenheim and Varnhold. High Diplomat Lenditheil is sent to back to Svenheim to investigate the cloud. She discovered the cloud is not natural at all and birds avoid it. Haylex is in the town and investigates as well. Haylex calls it the ‘blot’ and theorizes the cloud is the possible creation of converging arcane energies. Some peasants say odd magic effects like this are not so uncommon The Stolen Lands.

Sven and Garin travel a day to the south to visit the hag, Elga. They ring the bell and enter when allowed. Baron Sven tries to reason that it would be in Elga’s best interest to help Svenheim against Hurgalka’s monster kingdom. However Sven’s straightforwardness only angers the already crotchety hag. Garin steps in and also tries to reason with the hag but Elga casts charm person spells and makes the two men leave her alone. Defeated the two men head back to Fort Tuskwater.

General Kruznic travels to the west with 10 militia to visit Melianse and the Fae to ask them about scouting the troll home. On the way Kruznic is ambushed by 11 worgs. The militia valiantly fight and kill 4 worgs but the militia are killed to a man. Kruznic is able to flee and lose the worgs trail. When he figures out the worgs are tracking him Kruznic turns around and heads back to Fort Tuskwater.

The party regroups after the two bad turn of events. They head out together to Melianse’s so they can handle the worgs in strength. Near Melianse’s lands they discover two hour old tracks of a about 50 trolls heading towards the northeast … directly towards Svenheim. The party decides to head back to Fort Tuskwater post haste to get the army and head to Svenheim.

The fairy dragon, Pervalish, finds the party as they travel and tells them there are two monster armies. He says both armies are heading towards the town, one after another. The first group of trolls are scrags, they must stay near the water so they are swimming up the river. The second army is trolls and with a small dragon ally.

After a forced march the army arrives to reinforce Svenheim, and the city is immediately prepared for an attack.

That night the enemy attacks, the scrags from the river attack first. At the same time horsemen are seen advancing from the hills in the east. General Kruznic commands the army to engage the scrags. Archers and musketeers fire and take down many trolls coming from the water, about 1/3 killed. When the scrags reach Svenheim’s lines they do great carnage but the line holds, barely.

The men on horseback are mercenaries that roll over the rest of the troll army. They carry the symbol of Varhhold. The remaining scrags break and flee into the river. The troll army to the east sends scouts out to probe the town. Kruznic sends out men to shore up the defenses.

The troll army leaves the next day, preferring not to attack. Before they leave a booming voice mocks, “Svenheim we are hungry, send out your women and children.”

The party greets and thanks the Varnholders. The Varnholders say that Maegar Varn received the letter that Svenheim was under attack by a monster kingdom and sent help because the thought of a monster kingdom to the west didn’t sit well with him. They agree to help in attacking the trolls but say they can’t stay long and must return to Varhhold soon.

Much drinking and story telling is done in celebration of the battle won. Three days later Svenheim’s army is rested and healed, ready for duty once again. Sven and Kruznic agree they must carry out the plan to attack the troll’s home now. The combined armies of Svenheim and Varnhold march 4 days through The Narlmarches forest until they reach the troll home encampment.

Svenheim attacks, arrows and gunfire rake the trolls as they respond by throwing rocks and other things. Both sides are heavily wounded in the exchange. A large green dragon breathes across the Svenheim lines, wounding more. The Varnholders charge and the trolls run up to meet the allied army in the field.

After all the dust settles Varnhold and Svenheim forces are badly bloodied but victory is theirs, the trolls are defeated. The survivors scatter to the forests. During the battle the party finds Hurgalka and his dragon and slay them both securing final victory in The Greenbelt War. The Varnholders bid farewell and leave for home.

When the party returns with the bloodied army to Svenheim they find the town in disarray. It had been attacked by a huge rampaging Owlbear. The town lost dozens of citizens, a bakery and a housing district. The party is able to determine that the beast left toward the southeast into the Kameland hills. They vow to track it down and destroy it. The citizens say that the black cloud over the town disappeared 4 days ago and that the owlbear attacked one day later.

News comes that Restov is sending a huge wagon train of relief goods and a 2000 gold piece reward for slaying Hargulka. The aid will go a long way in rebuilding the destroyed areas of town.

March 17th Part II. Lizards, Deception at Elven Ruins and The Greenbelt War Begins

Game 22, Part II
Game Dates: Sarenith (June) 6 – Erastus (July) 8, Second Year of Svenheim

The next day the party comes upon the fort on Lake Tuskwater they had seen in the past but not explored. They see two lizard guarding the gate. Haylex knows they are not typically evil, but that they are territorial, stupid and are carnivores that may eat intelligent creatures regularly. Haylex approaches the gate to greet the lizardfolk.

“Come no closer. This is the land of King Vesket”, the lizard folk says in draconic.

Haylex convinces them to let us in to see the king. The lizard folk open the gate and the party enters.

“May we speak to the leader of this encampment?” Haylex asks them.

“They need to be escourted to the king” one of them says before the two of them take us to the largest mud hut in the encampment. The hut stands fifteen feet high, several human skulls and bones sticking out of it. Inside the party sees King Vesket. He is wearing leather armor and Haylex can tell that his gear is magical.

“Greetings, King Vesket!”, Haylex tries saying in common to see if the king will understand him.

“Speak in a language I can understand.” he demands.

“Oh, I am sorry forgive me. I forget sometimes to not speak in common. We are here because Baron Sven wishes to meet the people of his land.” Haylex says.

“These are the lands of Heragula.” it replies.

In the corner there is small boy, hanging from chains and he is just out of the reach of the two alligators that lie on the floor.

“Well…..that’s kind of what we are here to speak with you about. We wish for you to join us and stop helping the trolls.” Haylex replies.

“Our god wishes for us to shed to blood of our enemy.” he says.

“The trolls, do bleed also.” Haylex says.

“Well, our god wishes for us to have war.” he says.

“Have war with the trolls.” Haylex replies as he goes into a spiel about glorious battle and winning a war against the trolls on the side of Svenheim.

“Your argument is very compelling, but we must ask our god.”, the lizard king says. A celestial blue ghost appears, it appears as the skull of a lizard folk and floats next to the lizard king. It orders the king to “Kill them”.

Haylex can tell that this ‘god’ is a will o wisp. It shocks Haylex saying “Die….” in a raspy whisper.

Haylex proclaims, “_You are no god! You just hit me and you could not even kill me.”_

Sven uses his axes to attack the will o wisp. Garin attempts to shoot, but misses. Haylex uses glitterdust on the alligator and the King. Lindethiel attempts to shoot with her bow, but misses. Caleesee heals Haylex. Kruznic moves in front of Haylex.

“Down with your false god!!!” Kruznic yells, using his sword to kill the will-o-wisp.

“_You false god is dead, now!”_ Kruznic says loudly.

The alligator attacks Sven and Lindetheil. Sven attacks the king. Haylex moves in front of Caleese and casts Hideous Laughter, but it fails. Lindethiel attacks the alligator and it instantly dies. The king attacks Sven injuring him. Haylex casts Hideous Laughter again, but fails. Garin shoots the alligator and it explodes in blood and gore. The king once again attacks Sven. Sven misses with one axe and then hits with the king with the other. Kruznic joins the attack and injures the king. Haylex casts hideous laughter and the king falls to the ground laughing.

Kruznic backs up and allows Sven to finish off the king. Sven runs up and grapples the king by the neck. He makes sure the other lizards are watching and snaps his neck. The guards are very impressed by Sven’s move of power. Sven takes the king’s trident and points it at the guards “Your king is now dead.” he says.

They cower in front of Sven. Sven declares, “You are now citizens of Svenhien.”

Haylex walks over and takes the boy down from the wall. Caleese checks him out. She can tell that the damage done to him is physiological and he will be fine physically.

“Who here would like to be king?” Haylex asks. Four of the bravest lizard men step forward and one says “We shall fight till the death.” “Let it be so!!!!” Haylex yells.

Three die and only one stands. His name is Slirk. Kruznic steps aside and tells them that if they kill some trolls for us we will provide weapons. He tells them that their high priestess will send someone to teach them of the word of god of war. With the lizard folk now under the rule of Svenheim the party leaves the next morning.

Traveling into the wilderness the group explores in an area that a giant told them a haunt keep was. In the distance, the party sees a ruined castle. It is surrounded by ancient trees with moss hanging from them. There are four towers with moss growing on the sides. An overgrown path leads to a huge gateway where Lindetheil can detect magic coming from inside the keep.

Entering the keep, everyone hears a disembodied voice, “Is there an elf among you?” Lindethiel, Kruznic and Caleesee answer yes and the voice demands that it must speak with them. The voice says that they are trapped here in stone by the fae and that they have a message for the Queen Telandria. Lindethiel says that she has a spell that can help, but it would take her a day to prepare and asks to speak with them privately. She steps away from the party. The gate comes down and smashing Lindetheil under it!

Sven and Kruznic pull up the gate just enough to pull her out. In the courtyard the party sees a stone statue of a frail elven woman.

Sven enters through a crack in the wall with his axe drawn while the rest of the party hears running footsteps and see a fading red light glowing from one of the towers.

Lindethiel walks up to the statue and tells her, “Don’t worry I will get you out of here.”

Haylex questions Lindethiel about whether or not we should free her, but decides to trust the elf’s instinct.

Haylex, Lindetheil, Kruznic and Garin inspect the gate. Caleese sudddenly becomes injured and is knocked unconscious. Haylex rushes to her and sees foot steps all around her. There is a stab wound in her side and it appears she is bleeding to death. He stops the bleeding and determines that she has been poisoned. He picks her up and carries her to the party explaining what he discovered.

Next Lindetheil falls unconscious. Haylex uses a free hand to cast glitterdust in the aread.

Sven declares, “_Don’t ruin the treaty we have with your people….show yourself!”_

Kruznic runs up and picks up Lindethiel. He binds her wound and gives her a potion.

Next Garin becomes injured by a dagger while examining the wall but his body resists the poison.

The party backs up against a wall and Haylex again casts glitterdust on the area again as they suspect an invisible fae is attacking them.

Haylex clearly sees the creature now visible in glitterdust and moving very quickly. It seems to be the size of a halfling. Haylex casts grease in an attempt to trip the creature, but it fails. The creature runs very quickly away.

The party look for a tower to close themselves inside until Caleesee and Lindethiel wake up. Garin places Lindethiel on the back of her companion animal and Haylex continues to carry Caleesee. When they reach the tower, they close the door and Kruznic boards up it up.

Above us Haylex can see light blue lights and he can tell that this is the work of a spell. “Is anyone up there??” he asks. But no one answers. Garin climbs to the second level and finds a clay urn in the corner hidden behind a rock. Garin opens up the urn and finds jewels and money. He yells down at the party to tell them what he found.

Garin surveys the surrounds from up in the tower rafters and sees a halflioutlined by glittered dust in the woods. Haylex climbs up with Garin and looks. He determines that this creature is a quickling.

Garin watches as the quickling comes back into the castle and begins to drive nails into the tower door to trap the party inside. Haylex whispers down, “Kruznic if you hear a bang, kick the door open.”

Garin shoots his gun down at the halfling hitting it and Krunznic kicks the door wide open. Garin shoots at him again, landing another gunshot wound. Kruznic charges out the doorway and finishes the quickling off.

An hour later, Lindethiel and Caleesee wake up. “What happened??? And why are you holding me.” Caleesee says staring at Haylex._ “A creature was running around with a poisoned tipped weapon and as soon as it stabbed you, I saved you and brought you to safety.”_ Haylex says proudly. “Well, thank you…..” Caleesee says.

Searching the towers and castle grounds the party finds a mithril statue of the elven god of art and architecture.

Approaching one tower, the party can see that it is swarming with rats. Haylex moves in front of Caleesee. Lindethiel throws a flaming spear into the doorway and all the rats die. Haylex is now a little scared of the druidess.

They move on to the third and last tower. Kruznic attempts to kick the door open, but it won’t move. Garin blasts the lock with a gun but it does not work. They realize that this door is boarded shut and make a ram to knock the door open.

Inside is a room choked with vines and in the center of the room lays a poorly guarded chest. Lindetheil summons a horse to check out the chest. The horse starts to drag the chest towards us. Vines suddenly attack the horse, coming down from the ceiling snapping it in half. Lindethiel and Kruznic are stuck in their an area of magical wild growth. Next to Lindethiel a camouflaged elf looking creature with long hair and claws crawls down the wall. It launches at her and knocks the druid to the ground. The creature then attacks Sven next. Sven shows his axes to him and says “Wrong move bitch!” before using his axe to slice into it, but the creature’s wounds almost instantly heal.

Caleesee checks on Lindethiel and heals her wounds.

Lindethiel attempts to cast a gust of wind to knock the creature away aa Haylex yells “Close the door!”. The creature grabs a hold of the wall and climbs away out of view to avoid the magic. Sven drops his axe, snatching two arrows and tries to climb the wall to stab it. Sven slips and falls back to the gorund. Kruznic uses his bow to kill the creature.

Haylex opens the chest and takes a silver ring with an emerald stone and keeps it for himself.

The group heads into the tower. Haylex tries to detect magic. The inside of the tower is covered in gorgeous flowers and art. Lindethiel can clearly see a trap in a painting and she warns the party. However, they notice Garin is suddenly staring off into space.

Sven yells to Garin, “Garin, pay attention! There is a trap there be careful!” “Huhhh King?” he says.

Garin suddenly runs out of the door and Kruznic goes to get him. The rest of the party stands outside of the tower. Lindetheil casts a lessor restoration and heals Garin back to normal. Exploring the room further Lindetheil hears beautiful singing coming from upstairs. Haylex determines the song not o be magical.

Walking upstairs into the top room they all see a gorgeous nude fae woman whom is dancing and singing. Lindethiel recognizes the song as an elven nursery rhyme. Sven, Kruznic and Garin begin to dance in place all of a sudden, as if they were under some spell. Lindtheil starts to sing along to song.

“We are not here to harm you.” Haylex says.

“Don’t resist….just kiss.” she says to him. She leans into to kiss him and he pushes her away just as he notices she has very long teeth.

“I am not interested in your advances. We are not here to harm you.” Haylex says. She grabs him and bites him on the neck but he manages to slip away afterwards.

Haylex tosses Caleesee the ring he got and grabs the creature. He pushes the creature away with ease, which surprises him. Realizing that the woman’s dancing is causing the enchantments, Haylex pushes Sven down the stairs. Caleesee follows suit and pushes Kruznic down the stairs.

“Don’t look at her….her dancing is what causing the spell. You have to come up and pin her on the ground”, Haylex yells down the stairs.

Lindethiel summons an animal to fight the evil fae.. The creature attempts to attack Lindetheil, but she misses. Lindethiel shoots at her with an arrow injuring her. The creature grabs the druid and bites her neck. Lindethiel goes limp in her clutches. Haylex pulls the creature off of Lindenthiel and grapples with the creature.

Kruznic and Sven put on a blind fold and go back up the stairs. Kruznic walks around the room blindly. Sven walks over to the commotion he hears and attempts to grapple the woman. He accidentally knocks Haylex to the ground.

The dancing far rips off Sven’ s blindfold, but he has the presence to keep his eyes closed. “Look at me!!!!!” she screams.

Hailex punches the fae, slightly messing up her hair.

“Where she is??!” Kruznic asks. “She is right in front of you!” Hailex says.

Kruznic grapples the woman to the ground. Sven blindly hits her with his axe, hitting Kruznic also. Lindethiel stabs her with her arrow through her eye! The creature attacks back at Kruznic with her claws.

Kruznic pins the dancing woman to the ground breaking the spell still working on Garin.

“She’s pinned! You can open your eyes!” Kruznic yells!

Lindethiel twists the arrow in her eye deeper and Sven swings his axe, burying it into her face! The bitch is dead.

The group rests for the night and the next day Lindethiel casts a stone to flesh spell on the stoned elf in the courtyard. Lindetheil can see she has very outdated clothes. Lindethiel gives the elf woman clothes from her backpack.

“I have to talk to Queen Telandria very quickly.” The woman says. Quellandria is her name. Lindethiel tells her about her situation with her father and Quellandria says she will help us.

Lindethiel takes Quellandria off to talk in private and they return later holding hands. The group finds it odd but say nothing. However she now has a symbol on her hand and Haylex knows it the symbol of the demon god of Kionen. Lindetheil tries to explain it away as Quellandria moves towards an old inactive ring gate. The old magical portal opens in the courtyard by Quellandria’s bidding and she walks through.

“What just happened? What is she? What is she doing?” Haylex and others start asking Lindethiel.

“She is someone that will stop at nothing to save my father”, she replies.

“Open the portal now!” Kruznic orders

“This portal leads to elven capital and when you go through there are several other portals to all the other elven nations….We have no idea where she is.” Lindetheil says.

Haylex explains, “We have fighting the demon Treerazors for two thousand years and we could not beat it. We cannot go through, Kruznic. If we go through they will see that we are not elves, they will kill us. If they see me they will kill me also for having this symbol.”

Haylex studies the symbol and determines that it is a magical curse, or greater geas. Meaning Lindetheil must carry out the deal she made with Quellandria or possibly die.

In her head Lindetheil hears, “At anytime you can get cancel this greater geas, but you will owe me one.”

“What are you??” Lindethiel asks.

“I am the white succubus." she replies.

Lindethiel knows that the white succubus took an entire group of elves and tricked them and turned them into demons.

Haylex turns to Caleesee and says “I am sorry that I did not have more faith in us prevailing in combat against the dancing woman.”

“Oh, it’s okay. Here’s your ring you threw at me.” she replies.

“It was a gift.”, he says. “Well thank you, Haylex.” she says.

“What is going on?” Haylex asks Lindetheil.

“_There is nothing you can do to help.”_ she replies.

“Maybe the group can help you.” Haylex asks.

Five minutes later the portal opens and Lindetheil’s father steps out. He also has the demon mark on his hand.

“Great! You made a fucking deal too. Huh?” Kruznic saids to his father.

“I made a deal to get Lindetheil out of her geas.” he says.

“Now, the elves will be after you.” Kruznic replies.

“No, they will not. She came and explained that we have located the elven ruins as proof these lands were once Kyonin and they released me”, he explains.

“Father…..don’t say anymore.” Lindetheil says butting in, “This is to save our race and I will do anything to save our race.” Lindetheil’s father hugs her and he leaves.

The party heads back to Svenhien to conduct government duties. Kruznic’s son is born and named Kruznic Salvaris IV.

The Pharasma midwifes Sven asked help from assist in the birthing of Baroness Svetlana’s quadruplets. Caleesee joins them in what is a difficult birth but all of the children and the mother are saved and in good health. Sven is extremely thankful to the midwives and names his three sons: Hrathgar, Annar Haylex and Buliwfy (pronounced Bull-v’eye). He names his daughter Idonesa.

Word comes later that month that goblins have taken control of Fort Tuskwater. Baron Sven tells Kruznic to raise his army.

Kruznic asks the fae to spy on them. They come back and tell him that a handful of werewolves and about a hundred or so goblins are there led by a few trolls.

Kruznic gets an army of Kobolds and one hundred humans. He leaves one hundred humans in the town to protect it while he is away in case this is trap. When we reach the fort, our army’s archers shoot the goblin army before they have a chance to do any real damage Only the troll general and his other trolls remain. The party steps forward to fight. Garin shoots at one of them injuring him. Kruznic uses his lance to slice into one of them. One attacks Garin and another one badly injures Haylex. Lindethiel uses a flaming spear to attack the troll that attacked Haylex. Haylex attempts to cast Hideous Laughter, but fails. Caleesee heals Haylex. Sven uses his axe to kill the troll and he makes him splatter all over the field. The trolls are dispatched and The Battle of Tuskwater Fort is won.


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