Kingmaker: Lures of Majesty

A Pathfinder Chronicler's Historical Notes for Calistri through Sarenith, Third year of Svenheim

Game Sessions 29 – 33
Dates (real): May 3 – May 31, 2012

Game Dates: Calistri (Feb) 8, Second Year of Svenheim – Sarenith (June) 30, Third Year of Svenheim

(Due to Daisy’s hard drive crash many logs were lost. Here is a brief summary of what was lost from notes on my game calendar and kingdom building ledger.)

In the Second Year of Svenheim:

Calistri (Feb)

  • On the 6th, The leadership Council returned to Svenheim and spend the entire month on Council business as they wait out the worst of the winter.
  • A town hall was built in Svenheim to serve the citizens and provide civic space for functions. Baron Sven allowed a puppet theater to be created in the town hall in an attempt to alleviate the citizenry from insisting that a theater be built for entertainment. Needless to say, the puppet theater did little to deflect such criticism.
  • A blizzard fell upon The Greenbelt snowing in Svenheim and the surrounding lands causing some hardships for citizens.

In the Third Year of Svenheim:

Pharast (March)

  • The Kingdom of Svenheim enters it’s third year.
  • General Kruznic asks the Leadership Council if we can find a way to help our ally Varnhold negotiate a peace with the Nomen Centaurs. A letter is sent to Varnhold baron Maegar Varn and his reply says that the situation with the centaurs are quiet right now and he wishes it to stay that way for now. Maegar also invites the Council to Varnhold for the Erastil festival.
  • On the 11th, the Svenheim Council attends the Varnhold festival. High Diplomat Caleesse wins the fishing and logging competitions! That evening the Council meets with Baron Maegar Varn and an alliance is struck between the two fledgling nations. To tie the two nations together forever it is agreed that Baron Sven will marry one of his newborn sons to Baron Varn’s newborn daughter when they both come of age. The next day the Council returns to Svenheim.
  • On the 15th, reports that the kobold mines were attacked by morlocks. Knowing that the morlocks come from the recently discovered dwarven ruins General Kruznic leads Svenheim’s small standing army to the ruins to stop the morlock raids. Kruznic finds the morlocks are too large in number to fight but is able to trap them underground in the ruins by disabling the elevator they use to come to the surface. The morlock raids stop as they are trapped.
  • On the 20th, the Council takes advantage of spring weather to explore the lands east of Lake Tuskwater.
  • On the 23rd, they find an abandoned bridge across the Shirke River. Two days later they discover a giant turtle and dispatch it. A couple of more days later and they return to the mud pits and kill the dangerous tree creature there.
  • On the 30th, the council finds an evil creature, a lucretia, and kill it before returning to Svenheim to conduct Council meetings.
  • An area of plains in the northern Greenbelt is claimed for Svenheim and farmlands are given out to settlers to grow crops.

Gozran (April)

  • The Council attends to kingdom business and personal matters.
  • Another area of plains in the northern Greenbelt is claimed for Svenheim and farmlands are given out to settlers to grow crops.
  • Roads and bridges are built to content the kobold citizen’s mine lair to Svenheim roads.
  • Baron Sven carries out his promise to Loy Rezbin and grants him the material and charter to build Tantzleford. Houses are built as the new hamlet is founded along the Skunk River.

Desnus (May)

  • The Council attends to kingdom business and personal matters.
  • Another area of plains in the northern Greenbelt is claimed for Svenheim where roads are built and farmlands are given out to settlers to grow crops.
  • The Svenheim economy continues to grow.
  • Adventurers arrive in Svenheim and kill orcs that were poised to cause problems for the kingdom. As a reward the Council pays the adventurers 4000 gold for their heroism.

Sarenith (June)

  • During the first week the Svenheim Council conducts monthly meetings for kingdom business.
  • The northeastern tip of the Narlmarches is claimed for the kingdom where rare moon radishes grow wild.
  • The kingdom economy continues to perform well.
  • On the 8th, Brevoy sends message to Svenheim Council that the Barony of Varnhold has gone silent, no contact for over a week. Worried about their ally the Council makes plan to travel to Varnhold city in the morning.
  • On the 11th, the Council finds Varnhold City and the surrounding lands devoid of human population. Confused Varnholders found further out say they do not know what happened and blame everything from magic, fae to centaurs. Inside the city it found disturbingly quiet, as if everyone just suddenly got up and left over a week ago. The Council found that evil fae called spriggans inhabited parts of the city. Many battles were fought against the evil creatures and when the Council liberated Varnhold Garrison from the spriggans General Kruznic fell in battle. Baron Sven ordered that the Council return the body of the general to Svenheim immediately for proper burial of Svenheim’s hero.
  • On the 15th, General Kruznic is buried in Svneheim’s Hero’s Rest Graveyard as the kingdom mourns the lost of a founder and hero.
  • On the 19th, through heavy rains, the Council returns to Varnhold City to continue the investigation. An elven wizard accompanying the Council, Dash, is killed by a giant murder of crows. The mystery only deepens as vague clues are found.
  • On the 21st, the Council questions more surviving Varnholders to the north but find no new clues.
  • On the 24th, the Council seeks out the Nomen Centaurs in the Dunsward and are taken to their camp and leader. Councilor Haylex convinces the centaurs that Svenheim and the centaurs can live in peace. Their leader, Silverfire, asks the Council to rescue her daughter whom is missing, last seen around The Valley of the Slain to the southwest. The Council agrees to help and find her.
  • On the 25th, as the Council travels to the Valley of the Slain they come across the undead skeleton of a giant linnorm dragon. During the intense battle Warden Garen is slain. His body will later be returned to Svenheim and Garen is reincarnated into a kobold.
  • On the 29th, the Council explores the Valley of the Slain where they are attacked by numerous undead cyclops that try to eat their brains. After a couple of days they climb giant stairs up to an area where an old keep is located.


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