Kingmaker: Lures of Majesty

A Rude Man Comes A Visiting the New Castle

Game 28
Game Dates: Calistri (Feb) 7 – 30, Third Year of Svenheim

Having returned from adventuring the Council sets to meet and handle Barony business. Baron Sven is happy to see that Frostfang Castle is now completed. The baron and baroness move in and has rooms set aside for any of the Council. General Kruznic moves his army HQ there and the standing army uses it as a base until a garrison is built. The castle is cramped with soldiers but everyone makes do.

A man approaches the guards that stand outside Frostfang Castle.

The huge barbarian of a man yells out, " I demand to see your king! Tell him to get him to get his coward self down here!"

“You are speaking about our king! Watch your mouth”, one of the guards responds.

“Okay, well I will go try to find the coward myself then.” the rude man says trying to push his way through the guards.

One of the guards takes his shield and knocks the man back. The big man punches the guard back sending him to the ground. Two guards from on the top of the castle wall shot him with a few arrows. The huge man falls to the ground and surrenders rather hurt anyone and the guards pick the wounded man up to drag him to the dungeon.

Councilor Hailex hears of what happened and goes down to the dungeon to check on the matter.

The huge prisoner sees the councilor there and boasts, “Is this how you treat a guest of Svenhiem?!!! You know, the king is going to be pretty pissed when he finds out……”

“How long has he been here???”, Hailex whispers to one of the guards. “Since sunrise.” the guard answers. “Has he been like this the whole time???”, Hailex asks. “Yeah, at first we thought he was drunk, now we just think he is stupid”, the guards responds.

Hailex approaches the door and looks through the slit. “Prisoner? Can you hear me?

“I am not deaf.”

“Well, you never know”, Hailex says.

“Is this how you treat relatives of the king!??” the prisoner asks.

“No this is how we treat guests that insult the king and his family”, Hailex responds.

“I am the nephew of the king, bring him down here and I will prove it”, the prisoner says.

“If we brought the king down here every time we had a prisoner that says that they are related to him we would have a real busy day”, Hailex responds chuckling.

“Well, who are you? And is he too chicken to come down here and face me himself”, he asks?

“I’m Councilor Hailex and I guess I will come back when you can stop insulting the king.” Hailex closes the slit.

“Do we need to go in and adjust his attitude again?” one of the guards asks?

“Do what you will”, Hailex responds.

That night the guards keep the prisoner up all night so that he is fatigued the next day. And after some insults thrown at the guards the prisoner is beaten up in his cell by some angry guards.

The next morning Councilor Hailex returns to the dungeon but the prisoner continues to throw insults at the king. Hailex leaves and goes to tell Sven that someone is in the dungeon claiming to be his nephew. Sven shrugs it off and says he will check in on later as he is too busy with his wife Svetlana.

The very next morning Baron Sven goes down to the dungeon and discovers that the man is his nephew Tallik, a young but fierce war band chief, and he lets him out. The two men trade insults and Sven punches his nephew in the face, Tallik does likewise. The two men laugh it off and talk about their families. Tallik is asked he is interested in helping build the new kingdom as a General is needed after the death of General Kruznic. Sven runs the idea past Councilor Hailex and the Council but they are not convinced.


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