Kingmaker: Lures of Majesty

A Traitor in the Ranks and an Ominous Tower

Game Session 34
Game Dates: Sarenith (June) 30 – Erastus (July) 1st, Third Year of Svenheim

It begins to pour rain as the party sets up camp in a nearby cave. Hailex receives a message by spell from Svenheim that Tallik is conspiring against the king and pulls Sven aside to speak with him. Tallik is Sven’s nephew whom has been accompanying the Council, he is an accomplished war leader and warrior.

The next day, the party continues to climb the stone staircase in The Valley of the Slain. Coming down the staircase, several feet away the party encounter a man who is dressed in all red accompanied by two guards.

“Halt! Lower your weapons.” Sven says.

“ My name is Alderick, we need to speak with the king in private.” the man in all red says.

Hailex casts hold person on Tallik and keeps a eye on him. Caleesee, Hailex and Sven approach the men. They hand him an official scroll from Svenheim’s guards and it says that the Alderick is here to help and that we should trust him. Alderick places his hand on the shoulders of the Council and casts sanctuary on each them.

Tallik realizes that he is not able to move and Hailex tells him “We will not tolerate someone conspiring against the king! You will be sentenced to death!”. Tallik, in rage, breaks the enchantment on him and charges at the king, Sven. Nessa tries to stop him, but fails. Tallik is unable to strike Sven because of the sanctuary spell. Sven is unable to bring his weapons against his nephew. Alderick casts a spell to grow nine feet and grabs Tallik, capturing him. Sven refuses to have his nephew killed and tries to talk to him but it is evident that Tallik has a grudge against Sven. Tallik says he hates Sven for not fighting with his people and further accuses him of abandoning his people while his family members get killed in battle. Tallik is tied to the horse and send him back to Svenheim with the guards to be imprisoned.

The party continues onward with Alderick taking tallik’s place. They reache a gap in the mountains where the stairs do not go across. Hailex gets across and he throws a rope to get the rest of the party across. The party gets safely to the other side but Hailex spots a roc flying up above and hides behind a boulder.

“Everyone get down!!!! There are rocs over head!!!”, Hailex warns everyone!

Suddenly a dragon flies down and blast the rocs with lightening setting them both on fire. Nessa puts a sphere of invisibility around the party and Alderick casts a protection spell on everyone. Dispite the rocs attempt to flee the dragon blasts the rocs out of the sky with another bold of lightening before flying away.

Traveling on up the stairs, the party comes to a very dark river that they are unable to see through. The stairs end when they get to the lake of the same dark water. In the middle of the river, there is a limestone tower on an island.

Sven searches the area and spots in the side of the tower there is a hole and there is a hole 60 feet up covered in vines.

Caleesee casts detect magic on the water and it does not appear to be magical. Hiding behind a wall behind the lake, the party spots a pair of blue dragons. Hailex can tell that they are actually wyverns and that knows that they are poisonous. The beasts fly over the party attacking Chris and Caleesee. They both get snatched up off the ground and get carried fifty feet up in the air. Caleesee hits the dragon with inflict critical wounds before she is dropped. Right before she hits the ground Hailex casts feather fall on her saving her. Chris casts lightening bolt causing the dragon that was once holding on to Caleesee to explode. The surviving wyvern flees the area.


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