Kingmaker: Lures of Majesty

Dwarven Ruins of Boredom

Game 27
Game Dates: Calistri (February) 5 – 6, Third year of Svenheim

Continuing down the hall of the ancient dwarven underground city the party comes to another stone door resembling the face of a dwarf. Sven pushes the door open with ease. They enter into a cylindrical room, on the floor there are several religious verses inscribed in the stone. They inscriptions are from different gods, all with different instructions on how to complete the quest for sky.

When the party walks into the room the floor sizzles with electricity and the party becomes slightly injured. Parts of the floor are full of electricity and parts of it are not. Haylex points out seven different religious marks that do no have traps on them.
Next they come to a long stone hallway; there are several statues with their weapons pointing down the hall. Halfway down the hall, the hallway is flooded with water and the depth gets deeper the farther they go. At the end of the hall Sven pushes open a portcullis. Kruznic, Caleesee, and Dash help him.

Inside the room past the portcullis is a tall steel wall in the room with a dwarf face carved into it. There are several gems in the wall about thirty feet up. On the face there are several notches that seem movable so to push apart pieces of the face in order to complete some kind of puzzle. Hailex can tell that there is something about the religion of Dreskar that could be used to solve the puzzle. The party continues into another circular room with a weird mechanical device in the middle of the room. Dash examines it.

The party decides to head back to the main room and examine the cliff. The spiders seemed to be waiting for us and the instantly attack when Dash peers over. Dash magic missles them, before taking a few steps back. One of the spiders attacks Sven. Nyrissa shoots them with magic missles but becomes caught in one of the webs. Krunic and Sven fight off the spiders with the others using magic. Having their fill with the underground dungeon the party leaves and returns the Svenheim.


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