Kingmaker: Lures of Majesty

Loss of a Friend

Game Session 35
Game Dates: Erastus (July) 2nd, Third Year of Svenheim

A terrible breeze blows a gas cloud from the noxious lake as a swarm of biting mosquitoes harasses the adventurers. Braving the environment they push on to investigate the old fortress more.

Nessa uses a spell to teleport the entire party to the top entrance of the tower. Going inside there is a long dark tunnel awaiting. Nessa makes herself invisible and flies up sixty feet and comes a stone that is obscured by vines. She breathes her draconic fire and burns away the vines revealing another enterance. Nessa sends down a rope for the party to climb up. E

Everyone makes it up safely except for Chris, who falls off the rope and gets a bad whiff of the nasty noxious gasses coming from the lake. He tries again and falls once more, everyone laughs at his misfortune. On the third attempt third he succeeds.

Nessa searches for traps a door ahead and finds nothing but she does realize that the door is somehow magically locked. Hailex discovers that arcane lock was cast on the door and Dash casts knock on the door, opening it with magic. Nessa attempts to open the door, but she fails. Hailex attempts to open the door and also fails. After a few more tries, Nessa opens the door. The door leads into a long slanted passage way and Nessa looks around, but finds nothing.

The party can clearly see something at the end of the corridor, a door perhaps. Walking to the end of the hallway the party comes to a bronze door. Caleesee cast detect magic on the door and finds that the walls and the door are magical. The walls and the door are protected against low levels of spells like disintegration and erosion. The corridor is protected against teleporting magics. Caleesee understands that the walls are covered in an ancient dialect of an ancient cyclops empire.

Alderick tries to pull the door open with Dash and Chris assisting him. He succeeds and when the door opens they see a small room with a noxious smell inside. Hailex finds a secret door and because the room is making him sick he steps out to figure out where the door is located. Next he walks into the room holding his breath, hits a hidden button to open the secret door and leaves again.

Suddenly a fire ball bursts out from the opened secret door and explodes! The magical fire severely burns Nessa, Alderick and Hailex. Chris hears another guy on the other side of the secret door and alerts everyone. Hailex can see that the guy has made seven images of himself, a defensive spell he realizes.

Another fire ball comes out of the door, causing Hailex and Dash to hit the ground badly burned. Caleesee heals the party, saving many from suffering a painful death.

Alderick runs forwards and casts silence into the hallway beyond the secret door. Inside he sees a dread zombie. he recognizes the zombie as Cephal Larentez, the magister of Varnhold.

Nessa teleports herself and Sven behind the creature. Sven swings his axe and makes one of the false images disappear. The creature moves out of the range of the silence spell but not before Sven disrupts yet another mirror image.

Chris casts bear’s endurance on himself, hoping to survive anymore spell attacks.

Nessa breathes her breath weapon on the dread zombie wizard, destroying his remaining mirror images. Sven sees the real creature now and runs up and to slice his axe into the creature.

The creature retaliates by attacking Nessa with his supernatural strength and chilling touch, killing her.

Enraged at seeing his friend killed, Sven tears into the creature with both of his axes slaying the zombie wizard.


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