Kingmaker: Lures of Majesty

Rumors, Drama, a Monstrous Owlbear, and the Death of Hero.

Session 24
Game Dates: Erastus (July) 26 – Arodus (August) 9, Second Year of Svenheim

Back in Svenheim the party hears rumors that people are going to investigate a nearby meteor strike at Devil’s Run in Varnhold territory. Other rumors are that the giant owlbear that attacked Svenheim had a collar on and was wearing armor.

Councilor Haylex has some visitors, two landowners with a dispute and a messenger from Drelev with a complaint. The diplomatic messenger’s complaint is that Svenheim is selling weapons to Drelev’s enemies, the Tiger Lord barbarians. The landowners are having problems with water issues. One farmer stared to use water from a shared stream taking much of the water from the other’s cattle. The effected cattle rancher then disassembled the neighbor’s fence and took his cattle to where the water is still plentiful.

The farming dispute was solved when Lindetheil discovered a hidden source of ground water that the cattlemen can both use to water there animals thus making both parties happy. Baron Sven scolded both farmers for not coming together as neighbors and helping one another out instead of being greedy and having the dispute fester to this level.

The council summons the town blacksmith and asks him about selling weapons which he did say he was selling to barbarians. This is not illegal and the sales bring a lot of money into the local economy.

The council talks about the problem. Drelev is a larger nation and the barbarians are from Numeria and are invading. But the barbarians also consider the area Drelev is in a part of their ancestral lands. Baron Sven asks Lindetheil to send a messenger to the Tiger Lords and ask them to meet with him about the war. The Drelev messenger is left without an official reply to the complaint for the time being.

A celebration is held in Svenheim for the victory in The Greenbelt War and Baron Sven gives all the soldiers whom fought, and won, the spoils of the last battle.

More drama brews with the Council. Marshal Kelden Larvus resigns. Lindetheil resigns from Grand Diplomat and wants executioner post. She claims that with the whole White Queen succubus affair that it is best she lay low in a less visible position. She also says that with the recent trouble the White Queen is causing to her homeland that she may be held accountable.

The Council moves Keston to marshal, Calessee to High Diplomat and Jhod moves to High Preist. This leaves the magister position open for the time being but the council is able to find someone to at least ‘mind the store’ and keep the position from being empty.

Determined to avenge the attack on Svneheim the Council sets out to track monstrous owlbear. After two days travel the trail leads into the southeast of the Kamelands hills and to a cliff bordering a river, a tor. There is a cave in the cliff with ground trampled all around it. Large feathers litter the ground and trees are smashed around the area. Haylex determines the cave is a natural limestone cave made from flowing water. Lindetheil determines that there are at least 4 owlbears living in the area and a wandering human’s footprints are discovered.

The party sneaks into the cavern and see lots of rotten carrion with ugly fungi that Lindetheil says is violet fungi that that it is deadly. Three tunnels leave the cavern. The party uses arrows and ranged weapons to kill the plants.

Further in they find the remains of about four bandits. Perhaps they tried to find shelter but only got eaten by owlbears?

Next the party finds the remains of a family of owlbears! This is an odd find.

Finally the party comes upon the lair of the giant owlbear. It attacks with much ferocity. It is very strong, landing punishing blows. In the melee Lindentheil is finds herself in a bad spot and gets torn asunder like a rag doll by the monster! Finally, with the combined might of the party the creature’s head is taken and returned to Svenheim as proof of the slaying.

After the battle they find the corpse of another bandit. This bandit has a map of The Greenbelt with Svenheim marked on it. It is a mystery that the party may never be able to solve.

When back in Svenheim the Baron immediately orders the construction of a fitting resting place for their fallen comrade, The Hero’s Rest Graveyard.


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