Kingmaker: Lures of Majesty

Separate Missions, The Battle of Svenheim and The War Won

Game 23
Game Dates: Erastus (July) 9 – Erastus (July) 25, Second Year of Svenheim
Haylex & Calessee absent

After the Battle of Tuskwater General Kruznic and Baron Sven hammer out a plan to attack the trolls at their home. Kruznic sends message back to Svenheim to bring up supplies and some more militia but leaving a sizable reserve force. To save time Sven splits the party up and sends them on separate missions.

Spymaster Garin’s men find out that Varnhold has taken notice of Svenheim’s armies marching. And that varnhold has made small units to fight skirmishes against aggressive centaurs in their lands. Varnhold also hires adventurers to help fight and win a majority of his battles. Garin’s men also learn that Drelev to the west is holding their own against the Tiger Lords, giants and other tall walking monstrosities.

Garin also reports an odd, unnatural black cloud hovering over Svenheim and Varnhold. High Diplomat Lenditheil is sent to back to Svenheim to investigate the cloud. She discovered the cloud is not natural at all and birds avoid it. Haylex is in the town and investigates as well. Haylex calls it the ‘blot’ and theorizes the cloud is the possible creation of converging arcane energies. Some peasants say odd magic effects like this are not so uncommon The Stolen Lands.

Sven and Garin travel a day to the south to visit the hag, Elga. They ring the bell and enter when allowed. Baron Sven tries to reason that it would be in Elga’s best interest to help Svenheim against Hurgalka’s monster kingdom. However Sven’s straightforwardness only angers the already crotchety hag. Garin steps in and also tries to reason with the hag but Elga casts charm person spells and makes the two men leave her alone. Defeated the two men head back to Fort Tuskwater.

General Kruznic travels to the west with 10 militia to visit Melianse and the Fae to ask them about scouting the troll home. On the way Kruznic is ambushed by 11 worgs. The militia valiantly fight and kill 4 worgs but the militia are killed to a man. Kruznic is able to flee and lose the worgs trail. When he figures out the worgs are tracking him Kruznic turns around and heads back to Fort Tuskwater.

The party regroups after the two bad turn of events. They head out together to Melianse’s so they can handle the worgs in strength. Near Melianse’s lands they discover two hour old tracks of a about 50 trolls heading towards the northeast … directly towards Svenheim. The party decides to head back to Fort Tuskwater post haste to get the army and head to Svenheim.

The fairy dragon, Pervalish, finds the party as they travel and tells them there are two monster armies. He says both armies are heading towards the town, one after another. The first group of trolls are scrags, they must stay near the water so they are swimming up the river. The second army is trolls and with a small dragon ally.

After a forced march the army arrives to reinforce Svenheim, and the city is immediately prepared for an attack.

That night the enemy attacks, the scrags from the river attack first. At the same time horsemen are seen advancing from the hills in the east. General Kruznic commands the army to engage the scrags. Archers and musketeers fire and take down many trolls coming from the water, about 1/3 killed. When the scrags reach Svenheim’s lines they do great carnage but the line holds, barely.

The men on horseback are mercenaries that roll over the rest of the troll army. They carry the symbol of Varhhold. The remaining scrags break and flee into the river. The troll army to the east sends scouts out to probe the town. Kruznic sends out men to shore up the defenses.

The troll army leaves the next day, preferring not to attack. Before they leave a booming voice mocks, “Svenheim we are hungry, send out your women and children.”

The party greets and thanks the Varnholders. The Varnholders say that Maegar Varn received the letter that Svenheim was under attack by a monster kingdom and sent help because the thought of a monster kingdom to the west didn’t sit well with him. They agree to help in attacking the trolls but say they can’t stay long and must return to Varhhold soon.

Much drinking and story telling is done in celebration of the battle won. Three days later Svenheim’s army is rested and healed, ready for duty once again. Sven and Kruznic agree they must carry out the plan to attack the troll’s home now. The combined armies of Svenheim and Varnhold march 4 days through The Narlmarches forest until they reach the troll home encampment.

Svenheim attacks, arrows and gunfire rake the trolls as they respond by throwing rocks and other things. Both sides are heavily wounded in the exchange. A large green dragon breathes across the Svenheim lines, wounding more. The Varnholders charge and the trolls run up to meet the allied army in the field.

After all the dust settles Varnhold and Svenheim forces are badly bloodied but victory is theirs, the trolls are defeated. The survivors scatter to the forests. During the battle the party finds Hurgalka and his dragon and slay them both securing final victory in The Greenbelt War. The Varnholders bid farewell and leave for home.

When the party returns with the bloodied army to Svenheim they find the town in disarray. It had been attacked by a huge rampaging Owlbear. The town lost dozens of citizens, a bakery and a housing district. The party is able to determine that the beast left toward the southeast into the Kameland hills. They vow to track it down and destroy it. The citizens say that the black cloud over the town disappeared 4 days ago and that the owlbear attacked one day later.

News comes that Restov is sending a huge wagon train of relief goods and a 2000 gold piece reward for slaying Hargulka. The aid will go a long way in rebuilding the destroyed areas of town.


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