Kingmaker: Lures of Majesty

March 17th Part II. Lizards, Deception at Elven Ruins and The Greenbelt War Begins

Game 22, Part II
Game Dates: Sarenith (June) 6 – Erastus (July) 8, Second Year of Svenheim

The next day the party comes upon the fort on Lake Tuskwater they had seen in the past but not explored. They see two lizard guarding the gate. Haylex knows they are not typically evil, but that they are territorial, stupid and are carnivores that may eat intelligent creatures regularly. Haylex approaches the gate to greet the lizardfolk.

“Come no closer. This is the land of King Vesket”, the lizard folk says in draconic.

Haylex convinces them to let us in to see the king. The lizard folk open the gate and the party enters.

“May we speak to the leader of this encampment?” Haylex asks them.

“They need to be escourted to the king” one of them says before the two of them take us to the largest mud hut in the encampment. The hut stands fifteen feet high, several human skulls and bones sticking out of it. Inside the party sees King Vesket. He is wearing leather armor and Haylex can tell that his gear is magical.

“Greetings, King Vesket!”, Haylex tries saying in common to see if the king will understand him.

“Speak in a language I can understand.” he demands.

“Oh, I am sorry forgive me. I forget sometimes to not speak in common. We are here because Baron Sven wishes to meet the people of his land.” Haylex says.

“These are the lands of Heragula.” it replies.

In the corner there is small boy, hanging from chains and he is just out of the reach of the two alligators that lie on the floor.

“Well…..that’s kind of what we are here to speak with you about. We wish for you to join us and stop helping the trolls.” Haylex replies.

“Our god wishes for us to shed to blood of our enemy.” he says.

“The trolls, do bleed also.” Haylex says.

“Well, our god wishes for us to have war.” he says.

“Have war with the trolls.” Haylex replies as he goes into a spiel about glorious battle and winning a war against the trolls on the side of Svenheim.

“Your argument is very compelling, but we must ask our god.”, the lizard king says. A celestial blue ghost appears, it appears as the skull of a lizard folk and floats next to the lizard king. It orders the king to “Kill them”.

Haylex can tell that this ‘god’ is a will o wisp. It shocks Haylex saying “Die….” in a raspy whisper.

Haylex proclaims, “_You are no god! You just hit me and you could not even kill me.”_

Sven uses his axes to attack the will o wisp. Garin attempts to shoot, but misses. Haylex uses glitterdust on the alligator and the King. Lindethiel attempts to shoot with her bow, but misses. Caleesee heals Haylex. Kruznic moves in front of Haylex.

“Down with your false god!!!” Kruznic yells, using his sword to kill the will-o-wisp.

“_You false god is dead, now!”_ Kruznic says loudly.

The alligator attacks Sven and Lindetheil. Sven attacks the king. Haylex moves in front of Caleese and casts Hideous Laughter, but it fails. Lindethiel attacks the alligator and it instantly dies. The king attacks Sven injuring him. Haylex casts Hideous Laughter again, but fails. Garin shoots the alligator and it explodes in blood and gore. The king once again attacks Sven. Sven misses with one axe and then hits with the king with the other. Kruznic joins the attack and injures the king. Haylex casts hideous laughter and the king falls to the ground laughing.

Kruznic backs up and allows Sven to finish off the king. Sven runs up and grapples the king by the neck. He makes sure the other lizards are watching and snaps his neck. The guards are very impressed by Sven’s move of power. Sven takes the king’s trident and points it at the guards “Your king is now dead.” he says.

They cower in front of Sven. Sven declares, “You are now citizens of Svenhien.”

Haylex walks over and takes the boy down from the wall. Caleese checks him out. She can tell that the damage done to him is physiological and he will be fine physically.

“Who here would like to be king?” Haylex asks. Four of the bravest lizard men step forward and one says “We shall fight till the death.” “Let it be so!!!!” Haylex yells.

Three die and only one stands. His name is Slirk. Kruznic steps aside and tells them that if they kill some trolls for us we will provide weapons. He tells them that their high priestess will send someone to teach them of the word of god of war. With the lizard folk now under the rule of Svenheim the party leaves the next morning.

Traveling into the wilderness the group explores in an area that a giant told them a haunt keep was. In the distance, the party sees a ruined castle. It is surrounded by ancient trees with moss hanging from them. There are four towers with moss growing on the sides. An overgrown path leads to a huge gateway where Lindetheil can detect magic coming from inside the keep.

Entering the keep, everyone hears a disembodied voice, “Is there an elf among you?” Lindethiel, Kruznic and Caleesee answer yes and the voice demands that it must speak with them. The voice says that they are trapped here in stone by the fae and that they have a message for the Queen Telandria. Lindethiel says that she has a spell that can help, but it would take her a day to prepare and asks to speak with them privately. She steps away from the party. The gate comes down and smashing Lindetheil under it!

Sven and Kruznic pull up the gate just enough to pull her out. In the courtyard the party sees a stone statue of a frail elven woman.

Sven enters through a crack in the wall with his axe drawn while the rest of the party hears running footsteps and see a fading red light glowing from one of the towers.

Lindethiel walks up to the statue and tells her, “Don’t worry I will get you out of here.”

Haylex questions Lindethiel about whether or not we should free her, but decides to trust the elf’s instinct.

Haylex, Lindetheil, Kruznic and Garin inspect the gate. Caleese sudddenly becomes injured and is knocked unconscious. Haylex rushes to her and sees foot steps all around her. There is a stab wound in her side and it appears she is bleeding to death. He stops the bleeding and determines that she has been poisoned. He picks her up and carries her to the party explaining what he discovered.

Next Lindetheil falls unconscious. Haylex uses a free hand to cast glitterdust in the aread.

Sven declares, “_Don’t ruin the treaty we have with your people….show yourself!”_

Kruznic runs up and picks up Lindethiel. He binds her wound and gives her a potion.

Next Garin becomes injured by a dagger while examining the wall but his body resists the poison.

The party backs up against a wall and Haylex again casts glitterdust on the area again as they suspect an invisible fae is attacking them.

Haylex clearly sees the creature now visible in glitterdust and moving very quickly. It seems to be the size of a halfling. Haylex casts grease in an attempt to trip the creature, but it fails. The creature runs very quickly away.

The party look for a tower to close themselves inside until Caleesee and Lindethiel wake up. Garin places Lindethiel on the back of her companion animal and Haylex continues to carry Caleesee. When they reach the tower, they close the door and Kruznic boards up it up.

Above us Haylex can see light blue lights and he can tell that this is the work of a spell. “Is anyone up there??” he asks. But no one answers. Garin climbs to the second level and finds a clay urn in the corner hidden behind a rock. Garin opens up the urn and finds jewels and money. He yells down at the party to tell them what he found.

Garin surveys the surrounds from up in the tower rafters and sees a halflioutlined by glittered dust in the woods. Haylex climbs up with Garin and looks. He determines that this creature is a quickling.

Garin watches as the quickling comes back into the castle and begins to drive nails into the tower door to trap the party inside. Haylex whispers down, “Kruznic if you hear a bang, kick the door open.”

Garin shoots his gun down at the halfling hitting it and Krunznic kicks the door wide open. Garin shoots at him again, landing another gunshot wound. Kruznic charges out the doorway and finishes the quickling off.

An hour later, Lindethiel and Caleesee wake up. “What happened??? And why are you holding me.” Caleesee says staring at Haylex._ “A creature was running around with a poisoned tipped weapon and as soon as it stabbed you, I saved you and brought you to safety.”_ Haylex says proudly. “Well, thank you…..” Caleesee says.

Searching the towers and castle grounds the party finds a mithril statue of the elven god of art and architecture.

Approaching one tower, the party can see that it is swarming with rats. Haylex moves in front of Caleesee. Lindethiel throws a flaming spear into the doorway and all the rats die. Haylex is now a little scared of the druidess.

They move on to the third and last tower. Kruznic attempts to kick the door open, but it won’t move. Garin blasts the lock with a gun but it does not work. They realize that this door is boarded shut and make a ram to knock the door open.

Inside is a room choked with vines and in the center of the room lays a poorly guarded chest. Lindetheil summons a horse to check out the chest. The horse starts to drag the chest towards us. Vines suddenly attack the horse, coming down from the ceiling snapping it in half. Lindethiel and Kruznic are stuck in their an area of magical wild growth. Next to Lindethiel a camouflaged elf looking creature with long hair and claws crawls down the wall. It launches at her and knocks the druid to the ground. The creature then attacks Sven next. Sven shows his axes to him and says “Wrong move bitch!” before using his axe to slice into it, but the creature’s wounds almost instantly heal.

Caleesee checks on Lindethiel and heals her wounds.

Lindethiel attempts to cast a gust of wind to knock the creature away aa Haylex yells “Close the door!”. The creature grabs a hold of the wall and climbs away out of view to avoid the magic. Sven drops his axe, snatching two arrows and tries to climb the wall to stab it. Sven slips and falls back to the gorund. Kruznic uses his bow to kill the creature.

Haylex opens the chest and takes a silver ring with an emerald stone and keeps it for himself.

The group heads into the tower. Haylex tries to detect magic. The inside of the tower is covered in gorgeous flowers and art. Lindethiel can clearly see a trap in a painting and she warns the party. However, they notice Garin is suddenly staring off into space.

Sven yells to Garin, “Garin, pay attention! There is a trap there be careful!” “Huhhh King?” he says.

Garin suddenly runs out of the door and Kruznic goes to get him. The rest of the party stands outside of the tower. Lindetheil casts a lessor restoration and heals Garin back to normal. Exploring the room further Lindetheil hears beautiful singing coming from upstairs. Haylex determines the song not o be magical.

Walking upstairs into the top room they all see a gorgeous nude fae woman whom is dancing and singing. Lindethiel recognizes the song as an elven nursery rhyme. Sven, Kruznic and Garin begin to dance in place all of a sudden, as if they were under some spell. Lindtheil starts to sing along to song.

“We are not here to harm you.” Haylex says.

“Don’t resist….just kiss.” she says to him. She leans into to kiss him and he pushes her away just as he notices she has very long teeth.

“I am not interested in your advances. We are not here to harm you.” Haylex says. She grabs him and bites him on the neck but he manages to slip away afterwards.

Haylex tosses Caleesee the ring he got and grabs the creature. He pushes the creature away with ease, which surprises him. Realizing that the woman’s dancing is causing the enchantments, Haylex pushes Sven down the stairs. Caleesee follows suit and pushes Kruznic down the stairs.

“Don’t look at her….her dancing is what causing the spell. You have to come up and pin her on the ground”, Haylex yells down the stairs.

Lindethiel summons an animal to fight the evil fae.. The creature attempts to attack Lindetheil, but she misses. Lindethiel shoots at her with an arrow injuring her. The creature grabs the druid and bites her neck. Lindethiel goes limp in her clutches. Haylex pulls the creature off of Lindenthiel and grapples with the creature.

Kruznic and Sven put on a blind fold and go back up the stairs. Kruznic walks around the room blindly. Sven walks over to the commotion he hears and attempts to grapple the woman. He accidentally knocks Haylex to the ground.

The dancing far rips off Sven’ s blindfold, but he has the presence to keep his eyes closed. “Look at me!!!!!” she screams.

Hailex punches the fae, slightly messing up her hair.

“Where she is??!” Kruznic asks. “She is right in front of you!” Hailex says.

Kruznic grapples the woman to the ground. Sven blindly hits her with his axe, hitting Kruznic also. Lindethiel stabs her with her arrow through her eye! The creature attacks back at Kruznic with her claws.

Kruznic pins the dancing woman to the ground breaking the spell still working on Garin.

“She’s pinned! You can open your eyes!” Kruznic yells!

Lindethiel twists the arrow in her eye deeper and Sven swings his axe, burying it into her face! The bitch is dead.

The group rests for the night and the next day Lindethiel casts a stone to flesh spell on the stoned elf in the courtyard. Lindetheil can see she has very outdated clothes. Lindethiel gives the elf woman clothes from her backpack.

“I have to talk to Queen Telandria very quickly.” The woman says. Quellandria is her name. Lindethiel tells her about her situation with her father and Quellandria says she will help us.

Lindethiel takes Quellandria off to talk in private and they return later holding hands. The group finds it odd but say nothing. However she now has a symbol on her hand and Haylex knows it the symbol of the demon god of Kionen. Lindetheil tries to explain it away as Quellandria moves towards an old inactive ring gate. The old magical portal opens in the courtyard by Quellandria’s bidding and she walks through.

“What just happened? What is she? What is she doing?” Haylex and others start asking Lindethiel.

“She is someone that will stop at nothing to save my father”, she replies.

“Open the portal now!” Kruznic orders

“This portal leads to elven capital and when you go through there are several other portals to all the other elven nations….We have no idea where she is.” Lindetheil says.

Haylex explains, “We have fighting the demon Treerazors for two thousand years and we could not beat it. We cannot go through, Kruznic. If we go through they will see that we are not elves, they will kill us. If they see me they will kill me also for having this symbol.”

Haylex studies the symbol and determines that it is a magical curse, or greater geas. Meaning Lindetheil must carry out the deal she made with Quellandria or possibly die.

In her head Lindetheil hears, “At anytime you can get cancel this greater geas, but you will owe me one.”

“What are you??” Lindethiel asks.

“I am the white succubus." she replies.

Lindethiel knows that the white succubus took an entire group of elves and tricked them and turned them into demons.

Haylex turns to Caleesee and says “I am sorry that I did not have more faith in us prevailing in combat against the dancing woman.”

“Oh, it’s okay. Here’s your ring you threw at me.” she replies.

“It was a gift.”, he says. “Well thank you, Haylex.” she says.

“What is going on?” Haylex asks Lindetheil.

“_There is nothing you can do to help.”_ she replies.

“Maybe the group can help you.” Haylex asks.

Five minutes later the portal opens and Lindetheil’s father steps out. He also has the demon mark on his hand.

“Great! You made a fucking deal too. Huh?” Kruznic saids to his father.

“I made a deal to get Lindetheil out of her geas.” he says.

“Now, the elves will be after you.” Kruznic replies.

“No, they will not. She came and explained that we have located the elven ruins as proof these lands were once Kyonin and they released me”, he explains.

“Father…..don’t say anymore.” Lindetheil says butting in, “This is to save our race and I will do anything to save our race.” Lindetheil’s father hugs her and he leaves.

The party heads back to Svenhien to conduct government duties. Kruznic’s son is born and named Kruznic Salvaris IV.

The Pharasma midwifes Sven asked help from assist in the birthing of Baroness Svetlana’s quadruplets. Caleesee joins them in what is a difficult birth but all of the children and the mother are saved and in good health. Sven is extremely thankful to the midwives and names his three sons: Hrathgar, Annar Haylex and Buliwfy (pronounced Bull-v’eye). He names his daughter Idonesa.

Word comes later that month that goblins have taken control of Fort Tuskwater. Baron Sven tells Kruznic to raise his army.

Kruznic asks the fae to spy on them. They come back and tell him that a handful of werewolves and about a hundred or so goblins are there led by a few trolls.

Kruznic gets an army of Kobolds and one hundred humans. He leaves one hundred humans in the town to protect it while he is away in case this is trap. When we reach the fort, our army’s archers shoot the goblin army before they have a chance to do any real damage Only the troll general and his other trolls remain. The party steps forward to fight. Garin shoots at one of them injuring him. Kruznic uses his lance to slice into one of them. One attacks Garin and another one badly injures Haylex. Lindethiel uses a flaming spear to attack the troll that attacked Haylex. Haylex attempts to cast Hideous Laughter, but fails. Caleesee heals Haylex. Sven uses his axe to kill the troll and he makes him splatter all over the field. The trolls are dispatched and The Battle of Tuskwater Fort is won.


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