Kingmaker: Lures of Majesty

The People's Court, Survivor Island, and Two New Lady Friends

Game 27
Game Dates: Arodus (August) 10 – Arodus 27, in the Second Year of Svenheim

In the royal kitchen of Svenheim (where the ruling council normally meets) four criminal cases come before the council. A farmer found a magical spellbook and tried to sell it. But the lord of the land claims the book is his property since it was found on his land. The farmer claims the book was lost and not a part of the land thus he claims it as his.

An elf Dash is in the kitchen with an elf whom is black and blue and shackled. The guards explain that the beat up elf is a criminal whom killed the merchant Sal and 5 of his men in town. He broke into the home and killed them. The guards found the elf bleeding and he gave no opposition to being taken prisoner. He refuses to give his name or say anything. The guards found him with adventuring gear, bow, poison, sword and he appears to be a wild elf.

Kruznic asks for the elf to speak in his defense but the elf does not. Haylex attempts to speak to the elf next, explaing that by not speaking only makes a grave matter worse. He does speak saying his name is Quava and that he did murder those men.

The accompanying elf, Dash, asks to speak to the Council in private where Dash says the leager found in Sal’s home shows a man with intials D.A. was being paid. Dash says Quava works for his family looking for magic and treasures and that he is apart of the Shin Wrackawrath. Haylex knows this Shin Wrackawrath is a secret organization of elven spies from Kyonin.

Dash speaks for the man saying he did an investigation of the home and said that he found a ledger by the merchant that said he was cheating on paying his taxes. Dash says there is no evidence that the elf Quava actually did the killing. Dash shows a leader that says 8 men are hired and over due back from an expedition. And there is a book written in code about cooking the books and getting a payment from D.A.. D.A. also purchased a mithril chisel from Sal.

Haylex gets Quava to speak before final sentencing. Quava says he works for the Queen of Kyonin and killed the men whom because they are working for renegade elves whom wish do harm to Svenheim and Kyonin.

Dash shows a water logged book that speaks of the ’Devil’s Triangle’, the place where the recent meteroite fell from the sky.

Kruznic reveals a letter from his father where he pleads Kruznic to trust the Queen and help her agianst the evil that is coming again. His father also tells him to goto the Devil’s triangle. He then writes his goodbye as he explains he will die because he will not give the The White Queen succubus her wish. He also wtires that the family sword of Kruznic’s would be important.

Also in the kitchen to face the Council is a beautiful redheaded cleric, Sigrun, was arrested for being a priest of Urgathoa (an evil diety). The guards explain that her undead companion attacked guards but it was put down. She says her god told her to come to Svenheim. When Sven learned her god is of undead and plagues he became angered and ordered her banished from Svenheim and never to show her face again upon pain of death.

Quava says that the D.A. in the ledgers was going to an exevation site to the southeast of Svenheim. The Council decides to place Quava in custody and check out his claims. The next day the party, with Dash, goes to investigate the exevation site and finds a hole in the gorund with a tunnel of runed walls. Haylex figures out that the runes inside are of ancient Tassalonian. Dash sees that the runes are gylphs of magical protection that will explode. Haylex catches a squrriel and has it set off the runes.

Done the tunnel is a room where 8 burned bodies are found within a cage. It looks as if someone in here was studying; there is fine wine here, someone lived here. Human and elf footprints are here as well, as is a small stone device that is broken. There are constallations on the ceiling. The prints of small demons are also found. The party figures out that the hidden room was exevated some weeks ago, when the meteor hit. Some literature in the room, as well as Dash’s book cites cases where a meteor can be called down by magical means.

The party decides to head to Devil’s Elbow to investigate the meteor which seems to be tied to the exevation site. They get a boat at Svenheim and hires the boat handler, Jospher, to bring them to Devil’s Elbow. After 3 days the party makes it to a salt water lake where the Devil’s Elbow island is. The island is tall, with 100 foot cliffs on all sides. Trees are flattened for miles around. The boat circles the island finding the crater there along with wrecked piers, destoyed buildinsg and only a few still standing lighthouses. Dwarves and humans are seen waving from the island. The party takes a canoe and head for a cove.

The people there want to leave, saying the island is not cursed by ghosts but by small, low creatures that terrify them. Gravel Goldhammer the leader of the expedition says this is all that is all that is left of his 13 men. They came to look for the sky metal that fell from the heavens. The party takes all the men to the lake shore away from the island so they will be safe.

When back on the island the party explores and finds a barricaded lighthouse on the edge of a cliff. Inside are a handful of exhausted and frightened mages. One of them, Smarithia, explains they are cypher mages whom came to study the meteor strike and look for any remaining metal. She explains that strange, mute creatures attacked them and they barricaded up inside one of the reamaining structures.

The party is about to escourt the mages to the boat when a wave of strange creatures attacks the lighthouse. Under the strain of some many creatures climbing the tower it crumbles at the base and slides down the cliff!

People and creatures inside are tossed about. The party tries to save as many mages as they can. Dash uses fly to escape. Sven wraps himself around Samarithia to protect her and manages to fling himself and her out of the tower to safety. Somehow all the rest of the party make it out of the sliding tower except Kruznic whom plummets into the lake with the creatures and tower. In the water he fights free of the creatures and climbs back to the party. Only one other mage survived except for Samarithia.

The party helps Kruznic and an unconsious cypher mage up from the water. On the way up, Kruznic spots a pair of dragons flying up above us. Caleesee heals Samrithia and her mage assisstant. The party begins to head back to boat with them. After dropping Samrithia and her assistant on a nearby shore, Sven offers to take them back to Svenhiem.

As the sky begins to darken, they notice that three dragons are now circling above the crater. One large size black dragon, one medium size silver dragon and one small size gold dragon.They watch as the dragons fight in the sky and one of the dragons falls to the ground.

They head back to shore and build camp. Caleesee decides to go for a midnight swim, naked. Hailex convinces anyone who tries to stare not to and stares at her himself. Getting out of the water Caleesee spots a pair of dragon track embedded into the mud. She puts her clothes back on and points the tracks out to the party. They investigate them more the next day and see that they lead in all different directions. They head back to the island and make their way towards the crater.

When they are almost at the crater they come across two zombies and instantly kill them. They notice that they are dressed in clothes that would be very common in Restov. Reaching the crater, they find the dragon that fell from the sky. Before their eyes she transforms in a young woman with dragon wings who is very clearly injured. Caleesee heals her the best she can and tries to reset her wings. While she is doing so, the rest of the party searches for awhile and find 9 pounds of sky metal called noqual that glows with a faint light.

Far east, from the a ledge the party sees a small makeshift fort. They can see at least six people there. They decide not to bother them and to retreat back to the boat.

When they reach Samrithia at the boat, they tell her of the people they saw and she says that it was another group of explorers that have been in the area for awhile.

As they set up camp, the dragon woman introduces herself as Nessa and says “I know I don’t know you guys, but could you please not tell anyone who I am?.”

" Why do you want to hide what you are?" Kruznic asks.

" People look at me like am a abomination when they know and they fear me to the point where I can’t be around them." she explains.

“So, what do we say you are?” Kruznic asks. “Half- fae??” Hailex jokes. “Half- fae will work.” she says laughing.

The party heads back to Svenheim having had enough of the Devil’s Elbow.

When they reach Svenheim, Kruznic checks into getting his sword fixed with his new found sky materials. Sven had Svetlana prepare a dinner and entertains Samarithia, Dash, and some party memebers. Afterwards he decides to make Samrithia the magistar which is a suprise to her. She accepts as she really doesn’t have a quick way to get home or have a job when she does.

During the week Sven decides to check up on Samarithia thinking that a woman might be overwhelmed with such an important job. Councilor Haylex tags along to visit as well. Samarithia suprises them both by being quite proficient, even recommending on how to best improve the magic knowledge and general education of Svenheim.


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