A ruggedly attractive man of renewed honor and of once noble intentions looking for redemption on the ragged edges of civilization.



AKA: Akieos
Position: Colonel of Svenheim, second in command of military.
Human Barbarian (and ex-paladin but few know) Also an ex-bandit.
Resides: Svenheim and Fort Tuskwater


When the party assualted the Stag Lord’s fortress Sven Ragnarsson barreled through the breach in the wall to fight the brigands. It was then that Akiros, Stag Lord’s second in command, turned on the bandits slaughtering them alongside with Sven.

After the battle, Sven complimented Akiros’ prowess as a warrior. The party accepted him as an unexpectant ally. Akiros freely told the party everthing they wanted to know about the fort and the bandits. He also admited to being a bandit, guilty of murder and banditry. The party, however, forgave him of his sins for he seemed genuinily sorry for what he did. That and the fact that he so willingly risked his life to fight with them against the bandits, perhaps even saving the party from defeat.

Although unknown to all but the bard, Haylex Durdan Krull, Akiros was once a paladin whom had an affair with a noble woman. When her husband discovered the affair the woman claimed Akiros raped her. Akiros, in a fit of rage, slew her and the husband. With the death of two nobles on his head he fled to the south. He is a wanted man in the north.

When Svenheim was founded Kruznic Salvaris asked Akiros to serve as his second in command of the military. Akiros accepted right away, finding a new purpose and a way to redemption.

Colonel Akiros is currently the commander of Fort Tuskwater.


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