A beautiful half-elf redhead with a noble bearing and an independant streak for running her own merchant business.



Spouse: General Kruznic Salvaris
Half-elf merchant, noble
Resides: With husband in Svenheim
Family: Kruznic Salvaris IV (son)


Traveling merchant whom frequently does buisness at Oleg’s Trading Post.

Has started a relationship with Kruznic, wrapping him around her little finger.

She has given Kruznic a the gift of a silver dagger.

Rumors are is that she is of a noble family.

Beautiful redhead whom married General Kruznic Salvaris at the Gozran Wedding Festival, in the founding year of Svenheim.

Kruznic has forbidden Aleesha to run her merchant business while she is pregnant.

on Sarenith (June) 17th, second year of Svenheim, Aleesha gave birth to General Kruznic’s first son, Kruznic Salvaris IV.


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