Calessee Kel'Marcavia

Youthful, vibrant and gorgeous this innocent young woman perfers heals, spells and charm over fighting.



Position: High Priestess of Svenheim
Half-elf Orcale
Player: das91

In Caleesse’s own words:

I was born in the Stolen Lands, in a very small encampment. I grew up with my sister, Novia and my full blooded elf father, Aestral. I had a few childhood friends such as Fredick and Calestra. Calestra is a sorceress who dreams of been swept of here feet by a handsome noble one day and Fredick is a clumsy man who dreams of becoming a paladin, if only he swing a sword properly. I didn’t find out who my mother was until I was 13 and every since then I have told very few people about her. I have sworn to be abstinent for my whole life in order to keep my special gift, but recently I have fallen in love with a man in my adventuring party and I have decided that he is more important that any gift. His name is Hailex and we will be married soon. Anyway, I learned the ways of healing from my father growing up and at one time I hated who I was. You see, my father was attacked by bandits and I was unable to heal him completely and now he will be crippled for the rest of his life. Bandits are now my sworn enemy and I do not have any mercy against them. My dream was to leave the encampment and find an adventuring party to join to take back the land that was once ours. I also wanted to come back there for my family and move them into the nicest house money could buy. What we have accomplished is more than I could of ever dreamed of. I have never been a fan of authority, but Baron Sven is a very noble man and I am honored to protect him. With this adventuring party, I sure do have my work cut for me, being that they are very accident prone.


Calessee Kel'Marcavia

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