Candlemere Lizardfolk

Aggressive and warlike these handful of lizardfolk ally with whomever promises conflict.



Resides: Lizardfolk Fort on the western shore of Lake Candlemere.
Ruler: Whomever is strongest
Population: Less than 10 presently


When the party visited the liardman fort they found them willing to talk. Haylex Durdan Krull convinced the leader to join Svenheim in the coming war against the monster kingdom. However, when the lizardmen asked their ‘god’ if this was acceptable it refused.

The party was surprised to see the ‘god’ appear. It was a a right light in the vague form of a lizardfolk. It was quickly determined to be a will-o-the-wisp masquerading as the lizardfolk’s god. The ‘god’ ordered the party attacked. In the fight Baron Sven Ragnarsson persoanlly snapped the neck of the lizardfolk leader while all the rest of the lizardfolk watched. With the ‘god’ defeated and the leader dead the rest of the folk stopped fighting and agreed to join Svenheim.

A loose alliance was formed and the lizardfolk fought one another until one was declared the new ‘king’.

In the Greenbelt War the lizardfolk were used to scout the Frostfang River for the approach of a trolls crag army swimming up to attack Svenheim. Half of the lizardfolk were lost, never returned. More scouts were sent with express orders not to fight and report straight back. They did so and alerted Svenheim that the scrags were about to attack the capitol. Thus they contributed in the defense of Svenheim in The Battle of Svenheim.

The tribe is depleted to only a handful and are really not very useful for anything other than a small aquatic scouting party. They are mostly left alone with their fort but checked on regularly to make sure they are not causing trouble in the area.

Candlemere Lizardfolk

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