Chief Sootscale

Soot colored with a black and red feathered head dress, this cheiftan seems to be in good spirits about the future.



Position: Chief of Sootscale Tribe
Kobold Chieftain
Resides: Sootscale Caverns with tribe

He carries some shamanistic looking objects including a decorative club with feathers.


Chief Scootscale notes that he is “second chief” now. He worries his tribe has been cursed by their new god “old longtooth” a horned devil who’s statue was stolen by mites in a raid. The war is not going well and he seems concerned about his tribes future.

With the party’s help Chief Scootscale is now the kobold chief and has a friendly relationship with Svenheim. The higher chief was put down during a swift coup d’etat where the party helped dupe the higher chief and the kobolds killed him.

The Scootscale kobolds have gone back to worshipping their old gods as well as Calessee Kel’Marcavia, the party’s orcale, as they believe she is a deity through some fancy fast talking on her part.

Chief Sootscale

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