Known as both a troublemaker and a bad ass by the town guards he seems to know an awful lot of information.



Cleric of Nethys
Human male
Resides: Svenheim


Cyric is cleric of Nethys which is a very strange choice of a profession for a Northman. His choice of worship has made him a black sheep of his people whom worship either war gods or the Olde Gods (Norse). Cyric is a member of a local adventuring party and the guards know him because of the trouble he creates.

When Baron Sven asked Councilor Haylex to use his skills to find a new spymaster it was Cyric’s name whom continued to float to the top of the list. When Haylex spoke with Cyric about the position it was clear that the man had troubling character flaws but Haylex felt that Cyric was trustworthy enough to place in a council position. Unfortunately Cyric asked for too much as payment for accepting the position which included a Nethys book in the possession of the Council, making the spymaster position hereditary and slighting a local noble by placing his ill-fit son into a military tutelage. A deal could not be found and Cyric was pasted over for the position.

Soon afterwards Cyric contacted Haylex and told him that he had important information that concerned the nation’s security. At first the Council balked at the price tag of 4000 gold but eventually agreed and paid the man. Cyric revealed the numbers and extent of the undead armies roaming the lands in southern Varnhold around The Valley of the Slain.


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