Grumpy, contentious, and hates to be bothered this ancient being looks to be a mix of hag, fae and human. Look past her abrasiveness and one will find she is knowledgeable and keen of mind.



AKA: Hag, The Beldame
Hag/fae/human? witch?
Resides: A little shack surrounded by mud walls in a boggy area on the west bank of Lake Tuskwater.


Elga has a bad reputation from those around The Greenbelt, probably due to not only her hag-like looks but to her unfriendly hermit attitude towards strangers. Rumors of her include that she is evil and boils children in her magical cauldron to eat. So it is no small wonder that the party approached her home with caution. They did, however, decide to try the front gate first in an attempt to parlay.

The party had noticed that the scarecrow in the front yard was watching them, it’s head moved slightly to follow them. After ringing the rusty bell a few times a crotchety hag spoke out of a window at the party and reluctantly let them into her house to speak.

Once inside High Councilor Haylex Durdan Krull gave the usual spiel about Baron Sven Ragnarsson traveling his lands to meet all the citizens and see if they are alright. The gruff hag seemed harmless enough and eventual sent the party on a quest to get her some mushrooms from across the lake. Wanting to see if she was up to anything the party agreed and made a raft to get across the lake. There they traveled through a nauseating bog to get the mushrooms. Haylex had to turn himself invisible to avoid the deadly plant monster guarding them.

The party returned, this time High Priestess Calessee Kel’Marcavia precast detect evil before entering the house. She gave the signal that the hag was not evil. The hag took the mushrooms and answered a few questions about her Fae heritage and the surrounding lands. Her warning about the crazy hermit to the west that kills travelers by acting like a fellow traveler was especially handy.

After leaving the hag alone (much to her relief) the party felt they had befriended a knowledgeable being of The Greenbelt.

When Baron Sven and Spymaster Garin came to visit her during The Greenbelt War to ask her for help she was so crotchety and annoyed at being bothered she refused to be persuaded by either man. In fact she charmed both men and told them to leave her alone! Which they had no choice but to do!


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