Half man, half goat and quick to crack a smile, drink some spirits, flirt with girls or relax with a song.



AKA Falco
Spouse: Tiressia
Satyr male
Resides: With Tiressia in her oak grove.


The satyr, Falchos is unarguably devoted and loyal to the dryad, Tiressia. A bit neurotic and hyper, the fey goat/man creature enjoys a good meal of fish and beautiful soft music from his pan-pipes and soft elven chanting chorus singing. Falchos never leaves Tiressia’s side and is always quick to comply and see to her needs.

Falchos was wounded when first met, a wound from the Scyth Tree. The party was willing to help and he led them to the tree. Falchos and Tiressia have been friendly towards the party every since they destroyed it.

Falchos knew of the unicorn that had been slain, Falchos was beside himself with grief when the party brought them to it. Falchos said he would dispose of the unicorn body properly.

The party came to Falchos and Tiressia for advice when dealing with the loggers and the water Fae. Falchos agreed to help and journeyed with the party back to the Fae. He was able to calm her down and the party finally able to understand that the coachwood trees could very well be part of her ‘life force’.


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