Foreman Joe

A practical and loyal construction foreman during the booming building times of Svenheim City.



Human male Foreman
Resides: An honored grave inside Svenheim City.


Early in the second year of Svenheim the Leadership Council was tracking down a bandit organization inside Svenheim City. The leads led them to Foreman Joe and when they confronted Joe he admitted that he was paying protection money to the bandits to prevent any construction delays on the library. Otherwise, he said, the bandits promised to make tools, builders and materials disappear. In fact, many building materials had been stolen as a warning before the bandits asked for protection money.

The Council was impressed with Joe’s sacrifice to insure the library’s construction was on time and on budget. They convinced Foreman Joe to met with the bandits, like usual, so they could be apprehended. Joe grudgingly agreed and said that the bandits would be at the construction site that very night to collect more protection money.

The Council members spread out and hid in the shadows around the area. A few bandits did show up late at night, but it was evident that something was wrong. The leader produced a dagger and yelled out into the shadows that he would make an example of the Foreman for being stupid.

Knowing that they had been spotted, Baron Sven Ragnarsson immediately stepped out into the street and asked for the bandits to talk in an effort to save Joe. Unfortunately the dastardly bandit leader then stabbed Foreman Joe, mortally wounding him. As Joe fell to the ground and started to bleed out Baron Sven exploded into a rage and charged the bandit leader.

The rest of the Council joined the attack and in the end Foreman Joe and 2 bandits were dead. The surviving bandit, the leader, was interrogated before Baron Sven told General Kruznic Salvaris to execute him. The leader’s head was lopped off then and there and the bandit’s remains were placed in the town square as a public display and warning to other would be bandits.

The Council summoned the Marshal and had him find Joe’s family so they could give them their deepest sympathies. Foreman Joe was buried as a hero of Svenehim and his surviving family was rewarded an annual stipend that would pay them twice the amount of Foreman Joe’s annual salary at the time of his death.

Note: Foreman Joe was buried before Hero’s Rest Graveyard was built, otherwise he would have been interred there as a hero.

Foreman Joe

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