Garin Loxley

The very image of a man whom lives on the land, with guns in hand he tames the wilds.



Spouse: Hilda Loxley
Position: Warden of Svenheim
Human Gunslinger
Larry the Hunter (father-in-law), Bethilda (sister-in-law), Naudia Leveton (sister-in-law)

Player: Jon Rutland


A man of the wilderness, he is a simple man with a simple life of living off the land. Not much is known of Garen’s background but perhaps there is not much too it from living a life of solitude.

An expert with the exotic weapons of firearms, Garen is the main instructor of teaching Svenheim’s musketeers how to shoot in battle.

When Hilda told Garin that her father expected her to get married he proposed to her. Garin married Hilda a few days later at the second annual Gozran Wedding Festival.

After being killed by the huge, animated skeleton of Armatag, Garen was raised from the dead. He chose to live out the rest of his life with his wife and in service to the new nation he helped to build. Garen no longer adventures but still serves as Svenheim’s Warden and firearms instructor.

Garin Loxley

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