Scarred by a past illness this aggressive yet cheerful goblin wears a mishmash of damaged armor and equipment possibly discarded along his hunting trails.



Goblin Ranger/Barbarian
Resides: Wanders northern Greenbelt to hunt and trap, often stays at Oleg’s Trading Post.

Carrying a dented and rusted battle axe, short bow, as well as well dinged and overused half-plate. Recently he has aquired a quiver of arrows.


First met at Oleg’s, this goblin at first appeared to be much like the others of his kind, but quickly endeared himself as helpful to the locals. Quick to make a good impression gets-the-pig often sells goods in one sided deals not in his favor. He is also quick to deal out violence on the behalf of those who he befriends.

Gets-the-Pig helped the adventurers defeat the bandits that terrorized Oleg and Svetlana. He has been friendly with them.


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