A man stout of body and with a skilled passion for inflammatory oratory.



Human wandering bard
Resides: unknown, travels, believed to have traveled from the west of The Greenbelt.


Grigori wandered into Svenheim’s capitol and was soon up on a soapbox spouting inflammatory oratory against the leaders. He used every rumor, lie and truth and spun them into negative views as he spell bounded the local citizenry with his speeches. The damage was already done by time the leadership council returned to the town from explorations.

General Kruznic Salvaris wanted to confront the man angrily or even have him arrested. The Baron and the High Councilor quickly dismissed this notion stating that he has a right to speak his mind.

In the streets, High Councilor Haylex challenged the man in a duel of words, everyone watched at the unraveling back and forth joust. Grigori could not be convinced otherwise to stop his verbal attacks against the council. Haylex would try to use a charm spell on Grigori but fail and Grigori would do likewise by fail. The two bards came to a deadlock.

As quickly as he had arrived, Grigori left Svenheim. His current whereabouts unknown. Haylex spoke to the people for days afterwards doing his best at damage control.

Haylex and Spymaster Garin Loxley did their best to figure out whom the man was. The best Haylex could do was to figure out that the man was from the west.

Baron Sven Ragnarsson voiced his suspicions that Grigori could very well have been an agent from a neighboring nation wishing to cause damaging rabble rousing in Svenheim. And indeed the damage was done, many citizens where swayed by Grigori’s speeches and some unrest stirred in the nation.


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