Haldir Arolen

The High Diplomat of Kyonin this elven noble ambassador is the epitome of noble refinement.



Position: Former Ambassador (High Diplomat) of Kyonin
Elf Noble Aristocrat
Resides: Soul in Hell?
Family: High DiplomatLindetheil Arolen (daughter), General Kruznic Salvaris (son)


The ambassador of the elven nation of Kyonin; he is the father of High Diplomat Lindetheil Arolen and his half-elf bastard son, General Kruznic Salvaris.

Haldir tried to open many doors to his daughter and her fledgling new nation of Svenheim, including organizing a future Kyonin cultural exchange during Lindetheil’s future wedding to Kyonin elf noble knight Kaldarin Larvus.

Things suddenly turned for the worst when Haldir was arrested by his own government. His daughter learned of the news when a messenger handed her a copy of the letter sent to him informing of his arrest.

When his daughter Lindentheil made a forced deal with a succubuss, called The White Queen, the demoness got him freed from prison as part of the deal. When he learned of the deal he offered himself to take the place of his daughter in the deal to free her of the curse. The succubuss agreed. When The White Queen decided to call Haldir in on his promise to do her bidding he refused. he sent a final letter to his daughter telling her he would soon be dead for refusing the deal with the succubuss. Haldir is believed dead and that his soul maybe in hell as part of the price for breaking the unholy pact.

Haldir Arolen

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