A huge troll, smarter than his peers. He leads a motley of monster tribes in his 'monster kingdom'.




AKA: Haraggulla

Position: Leader of ‘Monster Kingdom’.
Troll Chieftian
Resides: Deceased. Formerly the southwestern Narlmarches forest, troll encampment.


First contact with Hargulka was made at Sootscale Caverns when he attempted to convince the Sootscale Kobolds to join his ‘monster kingdom’. A Svenheim delegation consisting of General Kruznic Salvaris, High Diplomat Lindetheil Arolen, and High Priestess Calessee Kel’Marcavia were able to counter-argue Hargulka’s offer to the kobolds and the Sootscale’s remained loyal to their ‘’goddess’ Calessee and to Svenheim. At the meeting General Kruznic and Hargulka traded insults and it was revealed that his ‘monster kingdom’ intends to fight. Svenenheim would most likely be heading towards war whether they wish to or not.

Hargulka sent a small goblin army to take Fort Tuskwater and the remaining lands for his ‘monster kingdom’. Svenheim evacuated and destroyed the fort’s walls before the goblin’s occupied that fort without a fight. Sveneheim mobilized for battle and a week later Fort Tuskwater was liberated at The Battle of Fort Tuskwater.

The Greenbelt War last two more battles, both of which Hargulka lost. First at The Battle of Svenheim where Varnhold cavalry reinforced the town just in time to help defeat 50 invading scrags. And then at The Battle of Narlmarches where Hargulka and his trolls made a last stand at their home encampment.

During the final battle Hargulka and his green dragon fought the Leadership Council and both were slain despite the heavy blows Hargulka put on Baron Sven Ragnarsson. No matter how bloodied, the barbarian baron refused to go down, giving his companions enough time to coordinate an attack and take the monster chieftain down for good.

Hargulka’s head was taken as a trophy and paraded in the streets of Svenheim to celebrate the end of the war.


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