Higher Chief Nakpik

A vibrant purple kobold who wears a head dress of green feathers, he appears to be some type of shaman with spellcasting powers.



* KIA *

Kobold chieftain spellcaster
Resides: formally at Sootscale Caverns
Grave Site: unknown except to Sootscale Kobolds
Cause of Death: Killed by own tribe in coup d’etat aided by and encouraged by the adventurers.

Higher chief Nakpik has a talking raven that sits on his shoulder which often says ominous things.


Nakpik is convinced that the adventurers coming was fortold and they are destined to end the curse and win the war with the mites. He has proclaimed that the adventurers will return the tribes god Old Long Tooth.

The party figured out something was not right with the high chief, including his insistence that the tribe worship some fake demon. They spoke with the tribe and found out they do not want war and would prefer to worship the old gods again.

The chief was killed in a swift coup d’etat where the adventurers aided the kobolds in killing the high chief. Afterwards Old Long Tooth’s statuette was destroyed and the kobolds reverted back to their old gods.

Higher Chief Nakpik

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