Hilda Loxley

The middle daughter of a humble hunter, although a wallflower she is clearly the smart one of her family.



Spouse: Garin Loxley
Human female, hunter’s daughter
Resides: In Svenheim with husband
Family: Larry the Hunter (father), Bethelda & Naudia Leveton (sisters)


Hilda is easy to miss, blending into the background of most situations. If anyone spends some time with her it becomes quickly evident that she is intelligent and that she uses her intellect to her advantage even in day to day living. For instance, her experiments and clever use of cooking skills have made her quite famous among those that know her for her delicious meals. More than one innkeeper has tried to hire Hilda on as a cook in Svenheim but so far her father will have nothing to do with that unless the offer comes with a promise of marriage.

When her father and sisters where summoned to Svenheim, Garin Loxley started a relationship with Hilda. The courtship was brief as Larry the Hunter returned with his family to the Greenbelt after only a couple of days.

Garin proposed to Hilda and married her in the second annual Gozran Wedding Festival.

Hilda Loxley

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