Haylex Durdan Krull

Tall, attractive, manipulative and silver-tongued, the world is his oyster.



AKA: Hylex, Hylax
Position: High Councilor of Svenheim
Human Bard
Resides: Svenheim
Player: JustinPierce


Haylex is the ultimate communicator, able to charm the pants off of almost any man or woman. He has no combat training, perfering to use spells and guile in battle. When it comes to knowledges, Haylex is a walking encyclopedia. If he doesn’t know something he strives to learn it. When it comes to knowledge about people no one’s dirty little secrets are safe from him.

Sven calls Haylex his ‘little buddy’ and is very protective of the man. He also values Haylex’s consul over any one else in the leadership council.

As Svenheim’s High Councilor, Haylex has the trust and ear of the people. As such he is the front line of the leadership council’s ability to judge the pulse and moods of the common citizen.

Haylex has a crush on Calessee. He has learned some secrets of her past but has shared these with no one else.

Haylex Durdan Krull

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