Issian Spy

A crafty spy whom required considerable resources to build a case against.



Convicted spy
Human male
Resides: A pauper’s grave


Once discovered by Spymaster Mal it was debated among the Ruling Council what to do with him. Di spite the spymaster’s report that it would take nearly 4000 gp of resources to collect evidence against him for a public trial that is what was decided. It is hoped that a public trial will show the resolve of Svenheim to root out enemies to the people and bring justice to those that would bring harm to the kingdom.

After the evidence was gathered the trial was presided over by Marshal and Baroness Amelia. The spy was found guilty and Amelia sentenced him to fight to the death in the newly constructed Svenheim arena. This proved to be a very popular descision among the citizens whom packed the arena to see Svenheim’s finest warriors slay the convicted spy in a gory death battle.

The public execution was carried out at Arena at Svenheim in Lamashan (October) in the third year of Svenheim.

Issian Spy

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