Jhod Kavken



AKA: Jrod, Jehod Coven
Position: Magistar of Svenheim
Human Priest of Erastil
Resides: Temple of Erastil in the Greenbelt Forest and in Svenheim


Hylex sees a guy at Oleg’s and reconizes him as Jhod Kavken, a guy who is form the Nomaria and that he is a priest. He worships Erastil and has a neutral alignment. Hylex remembers hearing that Jhod was a town near North Issia and he was convinced that a guy who lived in town was a werewolf and had him lynched. Turns out the guy was innocent and it was a dire wolf doing all the killing in the town. Hylex asks Jhod to cure him and Caleesee. He agrees, but asks for a favor in return. He asks that we try to find a temple of his god that is located in the woods and explore it because he had lost it’s location. Hylex gives him his word.

The party located the ruins of the Temple of Erastil in the Greenbelt forest and told Jhod the location as promised. Jerod struck out to the site and has been maintaining it ever since.

When Svenheim was founded the party asked Jhod to be the Magistar. He was reluctant, not interested in a leadership role. Hylax convinced him otherwise and Jhod currently serves as Magistar to Svenheim.

Jhod Kavken

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