Joesph the Logger

An out of work logger with a contempt for the ruling class whom he blames for making him unemployed.



Human logger
Resides: Fort Tuskwater (ten year sentence or work for arson)


Joesph was one of the loggers under the employ of Korax. When their logging of Coachwood Trees was stopped by the Leadership Council in favor of the Fae Melianse the loggers grew angry.

Still very upset at the Council, Joesph set many fires in Svenheim, including the home of General Kruznic Salvaris whom was one of the most vocal backers of siding with Melianse over the loggers.

Joesph was captured by the town guards and Baron Sven Ragnarsson gave General Kruznic the authority to sentence the man for his arson. Kruznic sent the man to Fort Tuskwater to work for ten years, sending a message to the citizens that criminals will be punished for their crimes against Svenheim and it’s people.

Joesph the Logger

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