Jofferey the Whoremonger

Smart and even-headed he has a talent for keeping his brothel running and the money coming in.



AKA Jofferey, Jeffery, Jofferey the Pimp, The Original Medieval Pimp
Position: Informant to the Spymaster
Human pimp
Resides: Brothel in Svenheim


In Kuthona (December) of the third year of Svenheim Marshal Amelia raided an illegal brothel near the Arena at Svenheim and captured those found inside for questioning. Marshal Amelia was investigating the assassination of High Diplomat Calessee Kel’Marcavia and a tip lead her the brothel. Unfortunately the raid was a false lead but in the fallout the heavy handedness of some of the Marshal’s guards brought some unrest to the city.

The proprietor of the illegal brothel, Jofferey, cooperated with the authorities and was kept for questioning for several days in the Arena’s cages. General Kruznic Salvaris questioned Jofferey and made a deal with him to send any information he found from his clientele to the Svenheim Spymaster. The thought being Jofferey would serve as an informant and all charges for running an illegal brothel would be forgotten. Marshal Amelia was furious that justice was ignored but Councilor Haylex Durdan Krull was able to cool the situation down and convince Amelia to go along with the plan.

As part of the deal with Marshal Amelia and the Council the brothel would be legalized, as it is now a legal business in the Svenheim Capitol.

Jofferey the Whoremonger

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