Kaldarin Larvus

A high noble of the elves he is an honorable man that expects station rank to be respected and noble tradition to be followed.



Position: none, ex-warden of Svenheim
Elf Noble Knight
Resides: Kyonin


A proper and noble elven knight from the elven lands far away. He courted and then was too marry Lindetheil Arolen. Their relationship seemed quite arranged, but no one else really seems to knows the real truth behind the coupling.

After trouble with Lindetheil’s father Content Not Found: halidar brewed and he was imprisoned back in Kyonin, Kaldarin abruptly told Baron Sven Ragnarsson that he was leaving. He left his post as Warden and returned to Kyonin. No explanation given and none ask for from the Baron.

Lindetheil later revealed her wedding to Kaldarin was called off, even after much planning and gold had already been spent.

After the death of Lindetheil there is very little reason to believe that Kaldarin will have anymore dealings with Svenheim.

Kaldarin Larvus

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