Keston Garris



Position: Captain of the Thane Guard
Human Soldier
Resides: Svenheim


First met the party when he was serving as CO of the handful of Restov militia garrisoned at Oleg’s Trading Post. He has been ordered to provide security for the post after the first bandits were defeated.

When Svenheim was founded Keston was asked to serve as executioner. He at first refused, not wanting anything to do such a leadership role. After much convincing, from High Counselor Hylex, Keston agreed to fill the post for the time being.

His loyalty and honor to his post has been outstanding, quelling traitors and stabilizing the kingdom so that it may expand with less growing pains.

Keston’s high value of honor was instrumental in bringing to light that Spymaster Garin Loxley was acting very dishonorably at his position. Ever since this incident Ruler Sven Ragnarsson has looked favorably upon Keston as a loyal and capable man of impeccable honor.

When Nerissys Talonspell was placed into the executioner’s position Keston stepped down so she could assume the duties. Baron Sven did not forget how Keston impressed him. Keston was promoted to Captain of the Guard. His new duties are first, and foremost, the protection of the Baron, his family and that of the ruling council. He has a highly-trained and well-armed battalion of men, called the Thane Guard, to fulfill his charge.

Keston Garris

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