A logging foreman from a noble family whom looks to make a fortune logging the virgin Narlmarches lumber.



Human Minor Noble
Resides: Svenheim


Korax was in charge of loggers cutting down Coachwood Trees along the Skunk River when they were stopped by a water Fae. The leadership council happened that way while exploring and intervened. In the end Korax and the loggers were sent back to Svenheim with promises of compensation. And Baron Sven Ragnarsson decreed (Third Decree) that the coachwood trees and the Fae will forever be protected from harm (and logging). Obviously, this did not sit well with Korax and his men and caused some upheaval in the capital.

Korax’s men were compensated for the pay they would gotten if they had harvested the coachwood trees. Korax was compensated in gold for the estimated amount of profit he lost. Even though compensated, most loggers believed themselves cheated and their way of life threatened by a leadership council that they feel is hostile to their industry.


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