Kruznic Salvaris

The Story of Kruznic Salvaris


The Story of Kruznic Salvaris

Position: General of Svenheim
Spouse: Aleesha (missing)
Half-elf Cavalier & Swordsman
Resides: Svenheim

Father: Elf Noble Ambassador Haldir Arolen
Mother: Human Noble Ambassador Isabel Medvyed Surtova
Step Father: Rowan Surtova
Half Human siblings oldest to youngest:
Brother: Gavin Surtova 27
Sister: Julia Surtova 25
Sister: Josselyn Surtova 24
Brother: Gregory Surtova 20
Grandfather: Kruznic Medvyed the III
Son: Kruznic Salvaris IV


35 years ago, in the city of Greenwood, trade and peace was spread throughout the lands and a Noble Elf Ambassador of Kyonin, Haldir Arolen, was meeting for the first time with the new Ambassador of Restoff. A young and beautiful woman immediately impressed the elf with her intelligence, grace, and leadership. Her name was Isabel Medvyed daughter of Lord Kruznic Medvyed III of Restoff. The Ambassadors would meet once every winter to discuss trade and other political items. After a week together and the last night together in Greenwood the two ambassadors had dinner and a few drinks at the local tavern. They had grown quite interested in one another and had a night together in the inn. The next morning they had to go there separate ways back to their home towns, but little did they know that because of this one time meeting both of their lives will be changed forever.
About 6 months later Lady Isabel had noticed she was pregnant, in the house of Medvyed, this was bad, a noble women having child out of wedlock, but Lord Kruznic Medvyed had a plan, that maybe if she was to hurry and marry the man that she laid with it would not look so bad. So, Lady Isabel wrote to Lord Haldir of Kyonin to meet in Greenwood at the same inn they met in. Three months later Haldir was finally able to show up to speak with her. Entering the inn he sees her sitting at a table in the far part of the room. Haldir does not know that she is pregnant; she has asked him here to tell him of this child she will have soon. After catching up for a few minutes, she gets ready to tell him of her news when her water breaks. The baby is already on the way. At this time Haldir is shocked to see that this woman is pregnant. She tells him when they move her into an upstairs room of the inn that this child is his, that she has been with no other than him. Isabel gives birth to their son in the room of the inn shortly after. Isabel names the child Kruznic after her father. A few days after the birth Haldir stays with Isabel to take care of her and the child. She bravely asks him to marry her. It is her custom to get married before or when men and women have children together. Haldir’s response was this, "I am sorry, but I cannot marry you because it is against the elven ways and I will be cast out along with all my children and my wife. But I promise you this son of mine will be taken care of completely. My family has great wealth. He cannot see me but, one day if he becomes a good man and elf then I will claim him as my own and my only son and heir. After a few days Haldir hands her a sealed letter with his house seal. "When you see the day that he becomes a man and has proven himself to be the heir of my house, give him this letter and let him to come see me. I will be sending one of my daughters to look after him when he comes of age but do not let him know. When you here of this elf coming, do not tell him. She will leave with him if he is worthy or she will leave without him if he is not. I am sorry that I have put you through this suffering and pain but I will do my best to help you with anything you need. He will be sent to the finest school and be well educated in time for him to become of age. You shall not worry about him. You both will be taken care of, I will send money when needed. "
When she gets back to her home, her father knows they need to act fast before anyone notices. Her father , Kruznic III, ends up cutting a deal with Rowan saying that if he marries her that he will cut up half of his estates and give them to Rowan. Rowan takes the deal and becomes the new person that Kruznic Salvaris will know as father until his time comes.
Over the next few years, Isabel and Rowan bear many children, in the order of, Gavin, Julia, Josselyn, and finally Gregory. Growing up, Kruznic was often picked on and called a bastard child by other children. His siblings and mother, however, never talked to him like this and respected who he was as a person and accepted him fully.
At the age of 5 Kruznic was sent to the Order of the Shield Academy Officer training in his home town, Restoff City, this was one of the finest academy’s in the lands for training future front line leaders and officers. His other brothers and sisters were not able to go to this academy since the cost was too high, but Kruznic had funding from another source…..another source he would one day find out.
Kruznic had made a few friends while his time at the academy, but most of the richer and more political nobles knew him as the bastard child, so he was left out of things, picked on, and looked upon as un worthy. But Kruznic was not like the other people at the academy, he was a half elf, and he had skills and abilities that the others did not, he excelled in all other areas. His drive to prove he was worthy to the other nobles and to his family was his main source of power, he constantly would repeat to himself, protect the weak, help the weak, help bring man to peace, the motto of the Shield Knights.
20 years past and Kruznic had become a Captain and graduated top of his class, he had gained the respect from his class mates, mother, and siblings, but still he had not proven his worth enough to gain his noble birth right in his mother’s family. Because of this, Kruznic along with his 2 squires Walter and Broderick the new recruits for the Shield Knights that I will be training will be heading out to make their own glory and honor so maybe one day he can regain his noble birthright and make a difference in these lands bringing peace and glory to the lands.


Note: Kruznic was bitten by a werewolf and inflicted with lycanhtropy. He was cured but almost not in time. The ordeal somehow activated his family’s old werewolf blood and werewolf like features become a permanent fixture on his visage and body. This explains his bestial character picture.

On Sarenith 17th, second year of Svenheim, Kruznic’s wife, Aleesha, gave birth to their first son, Kruznic Salvaris IV.

Kruznic led the army of Svenheim in The Greenbelt War. Through three battles Svenheim fought for final victory over the monster armies.

When investigating the mysterious disappearance of Varnhold’s people Kruznic was killed in battle against spriggans in Varnhold Keep. His remains are interred in hero’s Rest Graveyard. Baron Sven ordered a day of mourning on Sarnetih 15th, third year of Svenheim, when the hero Kruznic was laid to rest.

The death of the Once-Unkillable General and Hero of Svenheim hit the military hard lowering moral. The man whom single-handed built the Svenheim military from the ground up and led them to victory in war was gone.

Kruznic Salvaris

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