Larry the Hunter

A no nonsense man of the land; humble, honorable, family man and foe of bandits.



Human Hunter
Resides: Greenbelt, one and a half days west of Oleg’s Trading Post
Mithilda, Hilda & Naudia (daughters)
Oleg Leveton (son in law)


At Oleg’s Trading Post Larry told the party that the bandits left him for dead and took all of his equipment. He has a strong hatred for them and their leader the Stag Lord. He tells the party that the Stag Lord’s fortress is to the southeast on the edge of a large body of water.

Sven Ragnarsson gives Larry a new bow and arrows to replace those stolen. Sven tells Larry that neighbors must look out for one another in the wilderness. Larry in return offers one of his three daughters as a wife if the Stag Lord is defeated. He tells the party where he lives, which isn’t but a day or so from Oleg’s Post to the west.

Over a year later, Baron Sven called in Larry’s debt to marry off a daughter, summoning him and his family to Svenheim. With Hylex as consul Larry agrees to marry a daughter to Treasurer Oleg Leveton, a gesture from the Baron to Oleg to mend bridges after taking Svetlana from him.

After a day of meeting and talking with the three daughters Oleg chooses to wed Naudia. Baron Sven sets the wedding for the upcoming Gozran Wedding Festival. Oleg and Larry couldn’t be more delighted.

Larry the Hunter

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