Lindetheil Arolen

An elf druid with a noble bearing whom hails from a far away nation of elves.



Nickname: Melody
Position: (Former Grand Diplomat of Svenheim)
Elf druid
Family: General Kruznic Salvaris (half-sibling), Kyonin High Ambassador Haldir Arolen (father)
Resides: southern Varnhold
Player: Liz


Far from home, Lindetheil’s real motives for joining the charter expedition to the Greenbelt is unknown to any but her. With her trusty animal companion, a badger, her skills as a druid have been invaluable to the party.

At a point when Kruznic was slain by a shambling mound Lindetheil claimed the slain half-elf’s family heirloom, an elven sword of antiquity that is rumored to be touched by the Elven gods themselves. When Kruzinc returned to life a huge spat between the two ensued. As histories of each other’s families came forth Lindetheil and Kruznic discovered, to their dismay, that they are actually half-siblings. They are both the children of the high diplomat of Lindetheil’s elven homeland.

Lindetheil traveled back to her Elven homeland Kyonin, with her half-sibling Kruznic, to visit their father Haldir Arolen and discuss family matters. When they returned they seem to have made peace with one another and Kruznic is in possession of the family sword again.

Later an elven knight, Sir Kaldarin Larvus (and his entire entourage), came and stayed at Oleg’s Post so that he could court Lindentheil. Everyone thought it seemed odd but respected her choice on how to conduct her own courtship. Eventually Lindetheil would marry Sir Kaldarin Larvus (whom would later serve as Svenheim’s Marshall), but those that know Lindetheil suspect that the marriage was more some kind of arrangement rather that made through love.

Today Lindentheil serves as Svenheim’s High Diplomat, a role that follows in her father’s footsteps; her father Haldir Arolen is the high diplomat of her illustriousness elven homeland.

Lindentheil has a character flaw in that she is racist against half-elfs thinking them a pollution of the elven bloodline. This has caused much of the problems between herself and her half-elf sibling, Kruznic.

Lindentheil received a message from her homeland that her high diplomat father Haldir Arolen was arrested and will be soon put up on trial for his attempts to befriend Svenheim. Apparently, the hard-line elven Winter Council frowns upon cultures other than there own and asked her father to stop his attempts to help his daughter’s new kingdom. When he did not stop they took harsh action using the elven war with Tanglebriar as an excuse to charge Lindentheil’s father with misuse of funds and putting a hardship on the crown in a time of war.

When the party was tricked into freeing the White Queen, a succubus trapped in ancient elven ruins, she forced Lindentheil into a geas in exchange for freeing her father. The White Queen did free her father but then the father took on the curse of having to do the White Queen’s bidding.

Soon after a letter arrived from her father telling Lindentheil that he is now dead, he intended to not do what the White Queen bids. Thus, he sealed his own fate but the curse to the family would end with his death.

In the third year of Svenheim Lindentheil was killed when helping her companions defeat the monstrous owlbear that had attacked Svenheim. The Hero’s Rest Graveyard was constructed to honor her forever as a hero and co-founder of Svenheim.

Lindetheil Arolen

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