Loy Rezbin

A charismatic and loyal man with a confident pioneering spirit to found his own settlement in the wilderness.



Position: Lord Thane of Tantzleford
Spouse: Latrisha Rezbin
Human Noble & Pioneer
Resides: Tantzleford on the Skunk River


Short and unassuming, he’s put on weight since retiring and sometimes seems ill-suited for the stress and rigors of governing a settlement. Despite this, Rezbin comes across as likeable, down-to-earth, and loyal. He has a strong desire to do what’s right for those who put their trust in him.

Loy and his wife, Latrisha, petitioned Baron Sven Ragnarsson to start a new settlement at the site of the old tantzlewyrm lair where there is a safe ford across the Skunk River. Her proposed to call the new town Tantzleford. He convinced the Baron and Councilor Haylex Durdan Krull that his can-do attitude, promised influx of settlers and careful planning can make a successful economic endeavor with his proposal. Ultimately, Baron Sven had to turn down Loy and his petition due to lack of funds to help the startup town. But the Baron did promise to keep him and mind and will call on him when the right time to build Tantzleford is at hand.

In the month of Gozran (April) in the Third Year of Svenheim Baron Sven sent the needed resources and money to have Tantzleford built. Loy was made Lord Thane of his new town.

Loy Rezbin

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