Maegar Varn

A sturdy man of noble birth, he's built like an ox and is quick to play a game of chance. He stands tall and has a long lock of brownish hair.



Position: Former 1st Baron of Varnhold
Spouse: Was married, wife’s name unknown.
Human Adventurer (fighter?)
Resides: Varnhold graveyard

Maegar Varn was slain along with his entire council and many of his citizens by the lich Vordakai.


Maegar was met first in Nikta’s Crossing, he sold his map of the Greenbelt region to the party. He is the relation of one of Restov’s swordlords and bears the charter for the Nomen Heights region directly south or Restov.

About a year after Svenheim’s founding High Diplomat Lindetheil Arolen reported that contact has been made with a new neighboring nation to the east, Varnhold, under the leadership of Maegar Varn.

Reports are that the capitol, Varnhold, is a small town with a brewery, tannery and some other buildings.

Varn invited Baron Sven Ragnarsson to visit Varnhold but Sven declines gracefully in a letter of greetings to Varn written by the High Councilor Haylex Durdan Krull.

Maegar Varn and Baron Sven agree to an alliance and friendship between their two nations. Maegar agrees to have his newborn daughter marry one of Sven’s newborn son’s to formalize the alliance of brother nations forever after.

After the Varnhold Vanishing the Svenheim Council discovered that Maegar, along with his entire council and many of his missing citizens, was indeed slain by Vordakai during his bid for immortality.

Maegar’s lands and surviving people have since come under the protection of Svenheim, becoming apart of that nation.

Maegar Varn

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