Forever grateful for being rescued from the mites he is a constant loyal companion to his goddess Caleesse.



Kobold male
Companion of Calessee Kel’Marcavia

Soot colored hide like the rest of his tribe the Sootscale Kobolds.


When the party raided the mites tree lair they discovered some dead tortured kobolds. One was still alive, Mek-Mek. He talked with Tuk-Tuk whom was with the party and became forever grateful for being rescued from a torturous death at the hands of the mites.

On return to the kobold lair Calessee Kel’Marcavia convinced the dim-witted kobolds that she was their goddess and Mek-Mek became her devoted follower and calling her ‘goddess’. Mek-Mek sometimes get into trouble in the goddess’ name such as stealing for her.

Garin Loxley once did a prank on Mek-Mek and Caleesee by making Mek-Mek an alcoholic. Mek-Mek has since been cleaned up by Caleesee.

Mek-Mek lives with Caleesee, she has a bed for him in her home.


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