A small water fae with a conviction to protect what is hers.



Water fae
Resides: Skunk River about 15 miles upstream from Lake Tuskwater


The party came upon Melianse when she was having a standoff against loggers. The party listened to both sides. The loggers wanted the valuable Coachwood Trees and don’t consider them the property of a fae whom could move elsewhere. Melianse claimed the trees are hers and that the loggers have no right to kill them.

During an often volatile negotiation a back and forth discussion ensued. When Melianse grew upset she attempted to use her fae charming power. Garin Loxley took offense and thought he was protecting his friends by opening fire on Melianse. The party rescues the loggers and they all flee to the woods after Baron Sven Ragnarsson orders everyone to leave the fae alone.

After the party enlisted the help of Falchos they were able to calm Meianse down. Melianse revealed that the Coachwood Trees are part of the land that sustains her ‘life force’ Understanding this, Baron Sven, promised Melianse that her lands will never be harmed. Melianse insisted on sealing the deal with a kiss; afterwards she game Baron Sven a ring or protection and vowed she would watch over all of Svenheim’s citizens along the rivers.

Baron Sven soon after decreed ( Decree Three ) that Melianse’s lands are to be preserved forever and never harmed in any way.

Melianse was asked by General Kruznic Salvaris, along with other Fae, to help scout the Narlmarches to keep an eye out for Hargulka’s monsters.


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