Boisterous, confident and prideful, this gnomish cartographer is determined to create the most exacting maps of the Greenbelt for no other reason than because it has never been done before!



AKA: Nurgletropple
Gnome Cartographer Adventurer
Resides: Greenbelt (mobile)


After the adventuring party saved a gnome wagon train from the rapids of the Skunk River the cheerful leader of the expedition, Narthropple, explained he is mapping the Greenbelt. He is very confident he will do it and not for profit but for the knowledge of the unknown. He is extremely proud of his map making skills and the accomplishments he has so far made in filling out his empty map.

High Councilor Haylex Durdan Krull attempted to negotiate a bargain to get a copy of the map but the gnome flatly refused although offered to trade Greenbelt secrets.

The party asked Narthropple to come to Svenheim after he is done with his map. Baron Sven Ragnarsson promises a court cartographer position will be waiting for him if he chooses to accept. If anything the Council wishes to purchase a copy of a completed Green belt map.

The party and Narthropple bid each other farewell and the the mapping expedition continued on in to the wilderness.


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