Naudia Leveton

A gorgeous young lady from the family of a humble hunter, what she lacks in smarts she makes up for in spades with a sizzling beauty..



Spouse: Oleg Leveton
Human female, hunter’s daughter
Family: Larry the Hunter (father), Bethelda & Hilda Loxley (sisters)


Of Larry the Hunter’s daughters she is the beautiful one, quite possibly one of the most beautiful girls in all the region. She is not known to be very smart, in fact Naudia is down right vacuous. But when men lay their eyes on her they are so distracted by her radiant beauty that they forget every dumb thing she says.

Baron Sven Ragnarsson called in Larry’s debt to marry off one of his daughters and asked that a daughter be betrothed to Oleg Leveton as a way to mend burnt bridges for stealing Svetlana from him.

Oleg is very delighted by the arrangement and so is his soon to be father-in-law, Larry the Hunter.

Baron Sven has set the wedding to be performed at the annual Gozran Wedding Festival.

And indeed, Naudia married Oleg at the second annual Gozran Wedding Festival as planned.

Naudia Leveton

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