Nerissys Talonspell

A young gold dragon that has taken a liking to adventure and the people whom saved her.



Nickname: Goldie
Position: Former Executioner of Svenheim
Medium-sized Gold Dragon Sorcerer
Resides: Hero’s Rest Graveyard
Player: Liz


Nerissys was with a silver dragon companion investigating the meteor fall at Devil’s Elbow island when a black dragon ambushed them. In the insuring fight she was badly hurt and fell to the earth. Her companion and the dragon flew off to continue the fight and neither were seen again.

From another part of the island the party watched the dragon fight. And when they made their way to the meteor crater they found Nerissys’s unconscious body there and about to be attacked by creatures. The party killed the strange creatures and helped the young dragon, healing her. Unfortunately her wings were damaged beyond repair and will take a very long time to heal.

Nerissys traveled with the party whom saved her, finding their company agreeable. She stays in a human form when with them but she doesn’t look ‘wholly’ human. They in turn accepted her within their ranks. Sven even affectionately nicknamed her ‘Goldie’.

After accompanying them for a few adventures Goldie was trusted enough to be given the position of Liaison to the Magistar, thus able to attend Council meetings. And soon after she asked to be placed in the Executioner position. The Council agreed and making her a full member of the Ruling Council.

Nerissys wants to find out what happened to her silver dragon companion and figure out whom the black dragon was. But so far adventures and nation building seem to keep her busy and preoccupied.

Nerissys was killed on Erastus 2nd, third year of Svenheim, by a wizard lich in The Valley of the Slain. Her companions returned her body to Svenheim where it was attempted to return her to life but failed. She is buried in Hero’s Rest Graveyard.

Nerissys Talonspell

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