Oleg Leveton

The gruff large man whom serves as Treasurer of Svenheim. He doesn't speak often, and isn't very fond of the ruler but he has found a happy existence since his divorce..



Position: Treasurer of Svenheim
Spouse: Naudia Leveton (ex-wife is Svetlana)
Human merchant
Resides: Svenheim with wife and Oleg’s Trading Post
Larry the Hunter (father in law)
Mithilda & Hilda Loxley (sisters in law)

Oleg wears no armor, but is known to grab a trusty club when things get dangerous, although his skill is lacking, he definitely has the mindset to protect what is his.


Despite the early drama of finding his then wife, Svetlana, in bed with the adventurer Sven Ragnarsson, Oleg remains willing to help Svenheim prosper.

Haylex, the bard, was able to smooth over the damage caused by Sven and Svetlana’s betrayal. Haylax was able to discover through speaking with all parties that Svetlana and Oleg’s marriage was an arrangement. Although Oleg was very fond of Svetlana his new wife did not love him. When Sven arrived he swept her off her feet and she fell in love with him instead.

Haylax explained the situation to Oleg and calmed him down enough to allow Svetlana to divorce and continue to work at the trading post even while she is now living with Sven. Haylax also promised to find Oleg a new wife to replace the one he lost.

When time came to found Svenheim Haylax convinced Oleg to take the leadership of treasurer. Oleg was hesitant to serve under the rulership of the very man whom stole his wife but he threw himself into the job without much complaint.

Oleg is currently engaged to Larry the Hunter’s beautiful daughter thanks to a debt Baron Sven called to be paid from Larry. As Larry had promised the hand of one of his three daughters in marriage if the Stag Lord was defeated. Baron Sven has arranged the marriage to be done at the annual Gozran Wedding Festival. Oleg has been a very happy man ever since.

Oleg did marry Naudia at the Wedding Festival, they are now happily man and wife. She is happy to be married to a man of means and of such high noble status. And Oleg is just happy to have a wife again, her being so beautiful is just icing on the cake for him.

Oleg Leveton

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