A very small dragon of glitter with wings of a butterfly; he is fond of jokes, merriment, and drink.



Faerie Dragon male
Resides: Narlmarches Forest, sometimes with other Fae.


This mischievous faerie dragon has caused pranks on the party early in their explorations of The Greenbelt. His most famous prank being putting all the clothes of Kruznic Salvaris high up at the top of a tall tree. He got many laughs at seeing the man attempt, and fail, to climb and regain his possessions.

In the second year of Svenheim Perlivash was impressed with the good relations between the Leadership Council and the Fae around the Skunk River. When visiting them he again encountered Kruznic, now General of Svenheim, whom came to ask his friends, the Fae, for help in the coming war against the Monster Kingdom. Perlivash eagerly agreed to scout the monsters and their movements, he hates them, especially the troll’s dragon. His price for his help (to be paid later): dancing, song and the death of the dragon.

He, and a couple of other Fae, provided General Kruznic with an accurate account of the goblin army that was occupying Fort Tuskwater just before The Battle of Fort Tuskwater.

And again, Perlivash gave General Kruznic vital scout information before The Battle of Svenheim revealing that two troll armies are marching on Svenheim, 50 trolls by land and 50 scrag trolls by water.


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