Young and yearning to learn but far from home. She is given a chance of a life-time to be magister to an up and coming nation.



AKA: Sam
Position: Magister of Svenheim
Human Mage Female
Resides Svenheim


Samaritha was with a group of cipher mages whom went to investigate the star fall at Devil’s End. Her group was attacked by strange beings and besieged inside a tower when the party came upon them. The mages needed to be brought to safety off the island but before that could happen a large number of the strange star fall beasts attacked. They overwhelmed the tower structure and caused it to fall off the nearby cliff. As the tower tumbled downwards Sven wrapped himself around Samaritha to save her from being badly injured. She was saved thanks to Sven but only one other of her comrades survived.

She and her comrade gladly accepted to travel with the party back to Svenheim, they had no way to get home with the teleporting mage dead. Samaritha got to know some of the party as Sven held a dinner for his guests with the Baroness Svetlana serving her best deer sausage recipes.

After the dinner Sven asked Samaritha if she would take the position of Magister of Svenheim. The young mage was suprised at such and an offer and accepted. She was copperless and far from getting home anytime soon so such a prestigious job was more than generous.

Days later Sven checked in on Samaritha to see if the woman wasn’t being overwhelmed by the Magister responsibilities. The Baron was impressed by her ability to tell him what the status of magic and learning was in the kingdom. She also gave recommendations on how to help the economy through magic research and item creation. Sven knew then that he had made a good judgement on giving her the position.


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