Sootscale Kobolds

These kobolds inhabit an abandoned silver mine in the north eastern Kamelands on the Shrike River.



Resides: Sootsscale Caverns, east of Fort Tuskwater on the south bank of The Shrike River.
Ruler: Chief Sootscale
Population: estimated to be many hundreds


This tribe of kobolds could have more than three dozen members and is led by Higher Chief Nakpik and high Chief Sootscale. They worship a god they refer to as Old Long Tooth who is depicted as a black horned devil.


With help from the party Nakpik was put down in a coup d’etat that was swift and final. Chief Sootscale retook leadership and the tribe no long worships “old longtooth”.

The kobolds are friendly with Svenheim and worship the party’s oracle, Calessee Kel’Marcavia, as a Goddess due to her amazing oratory she gave to them.

Sarenith, second year of Svenheim, Svenheim annexes the Sootscale Caverns and surrounding lands into the Barony thus making the tribe vassals of the kingdom.

Erastus 8th, second year of Svenheim,200 Sootscale kobolds participated in the Battle of Fort Tuskwater flighting alongside 50 Svenheim militia. No casualties were suffered by the kobolds in the overwhelming victory.

Sootscale Kobolds

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