Sven Ragnarsson

Headstrong, tall and proud, this Ulfen northsman seeks too weave his own 'saga of majesty' through bloody battle and great deeds.



Position: Ruler of Svenheim
Spouse: Baroness Svetlana
Human Barbarian
Resides: In Svenheim with his wife
Player: Uktena66
Tallik Sterksson, nephew
Svetlana, wife

  • Quadruplets: (in order of birth)
    • Hrathgar Svensson (son)
    • Annar Haylex Svensson (son)
    • Buliwyf Svensson (son)
    • Idonea Svensdottir (daughter)

Chaotic Good
Subrace: Ulfen
Class Archetype: Invulnerable Rager

Like most Ulfen Sven is tall and strong, a mountain of muscle with long, wild, blonde hair, brown facial hair and sky blue eyes. During time of war or exploration he Sven allows his bread to grow until the task at hand is completed.

Heart of the Wilderness (racial)
Natural Born Leader (social)
Ease of Faith (religious)


Sven is a bit of an enigma, most only assume he is the typical barbarian type but nothing could be farther from the truth. None of his current adventuring companions know anything of his personal history.

Sven’s people are an offshoot of the Ulfen peoples. His ancestors settled far from the Linnorm Kings homeland. They colonized at the shores of The Lake of Mists many generations ago establishing their own kingdom which honors the olde Gods (Norse) and traditional Ulfen culture.

At Oleg’s Trading Post Sven found Oleg’s wife, Svetlana, to be fetching and of proper ‘Northsman stock’. He succeded into seducing her into a relationship and she left Oleg after the affair was discovered. Sven accepts Svetlana as his ‘woman’ while Oleg gives both of them a chilly shoulder.

Finding himself very much in love with his ‘woman’, Sven married Svetlana one month after the founding of Svenheim making her co-ruler of Svenheim. Although Sven won’t admit to anyone else, he is very happy to have his wife’s friendly charm to help rule at his side.

Sven is a man with nothing to loose and everything to gain by adding to his saga. To prove himself, Sven seeks the berserking rage of battle. This does not mean he is foolhardy or cruel, he knows the value of thinking and talking before thrusting himself into a battle.

When adventuring Sven is rarely seen without half a dozen weapons including: large shield, spear, war axe, throwing axe, throwing hammer, dagger, sknning knife.

Sven believes in his cultures view that strength is power. If you are not strong enough to take and hold onto what you have then you deserve to have it taken by someone more powerful.

To prove his saga, Sven is creating a Sven’s totem pole of skulls to display the grizzly skulls of those creatures and enemies he has personally defeated in battle.

Calls fellow adventurer Hylaex Krull his ‘little buddy’ and is quite protective of the man.

Following Ulfen culture Sven is sexist, viewing most women as stupid and weak unless they prove themselves otherwise to gain his respect.

Be sure to read the barony summaries found on the Main Page and the adventure logs! Otherwise I will try to add to this bio for major character life events.

On Sarenith (June) 16th, second year of Svenheim, quadruplets were born to Sven and his wife, Svetlana. The babies were born a month early (usual for multiple births) and it was very difficult as expected. With the help of the Pharasma mid-wives and High Priestess Calessee Kel’Marcavia all the children, and the mother, survived the strenuous birth. The children are named Hrathgar (after Sven’s grandfather), Annar Haylex (named after Haylex), Buliwyf (named after a dead uncle) and Idonea.

Sven Ragnarsson

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