A Nordic beauty with an outwardly friendly demeanor, she speaks with a "Russian" accent.



Position: Queen of Svenheim
Spouse: Jarl Sven Ragnarsson
Human female
Resides: With husband in Svenheim

  • Quadruplets: (in order of birth)
    • Hrathgar Svensson (son)
    • Annar Haylex Svensson (son)
    • Buliwyf Svensson (son)
    • Idonea Svensdottir (daughter)

Ex-wife of Oleg Leveton Leveton.

Soon after the adventurers arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post Sven Ragnarsson seduced Svetlana into an affair. When she was discovered sleeping with Sven, Oleg became enraged and threw her out when she choose Sven over him because she admited she didn’t love Oleg.

Haylex convinced Oleg to allow Svetlana to stay at the post and work. Svetlana divorced Oleg and moved in with Sven to become his ‘woman’.

Sven taught her how to hunt and use a bow, just in case something should happen to him so she could fend for herself on the frontier.

Svetlana’s best talents, besides having a disarming personality, are skills at bookkeeping and cooking. In the kitchen Svetlana is known for cooking up her famous Moon Radish soup and creating delicious deer sausages.

During the founding year of Svenheim she married Sven Ragnarsson at the Gozran Wedding Festival. Since her wedding night Svetlana has only worn her blonde hair in braids as is the custom to signify a woman’s married status in her husband’s Ulfen culture.

Although Baron Sven won’t admit it to anyone (not even Svetlana) he is very happy to have his wife’s friendly charm ruling at his side to counteract his own direct and aggressive style. Even without words Svetlana knows very well of her husband’s pride at having her sit by his side on the throne of Svenheim.

In the early second year of Svenheim she was very pregnant with what High Priestess Calessee believed to be quadruplets. Her husband, Baron Sven, asked for the help of the best Pharasma mid-wives from Brevoy to help with the complications of such a difficult pregnancy.

On Sarenith (June) 16th, second year of Svenheim, Svetlana’s quadruplets were born with her husband present. The babies were born a month early (usual for multiple births) and it was very difficult as expected. With the help of the Pharasma mid-wives and High Priestess Calessee Kel’Marcavia all the children, and the mother, survived the strenuous birth. The children are named Hrathgar (after Sven’s grandfather), Annar Haylex (named after Haylex), Buliwyf (named after a dead uncle) and Idonea.

By the end of the same year Svetlana was with child once again.

NPC Sheet

Expert 1/ Aristocrat 1

Str 9 ( -1) Dex 9 ( -1) Con 11 Int 10 Wis 12 ( +1) Cha 15 ( +2)

HP 9
AC 9
Saves: Fort +0 Dex -1 Wis +5

Languages: Common
Proficiency: bows, simple weapons

Appraise +4, Craft (Sewing) +4, Diplomacy +10, Heal +5, Knowledge (Nobility) +5, Knowledge (Local) +4
Profession (Cook) +8, Profession (Clerk & book-keeping) +5, Ride +4, Sense Motive +5, Survival +5

Feats: Skill Focus (Cooking), Skill Focus (Diplomacy)


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